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This Month at TASIS

January 2024

January 2024

From the return to campus and recommencement of classes to International Week celebrations and exciting performing arts workshops, we take a photo-driven look at the past month at TASIS.


Fresh Start

After a well-deserved winter holiday, students returned to campus on January 8 to reconnect with friends and begin their studies anew.


Jumping for Joy

In their first class after the holiday, 3rd-grade students in Ms. Melody Zanecchia’s music class celebrated the opportunity to play an icebreaker game.


Back in the Studio

IB Visual Arts students returned to the Şahenk Fine Arts Center on January 8 to continue work on their final art pieces that will be exhibited in March.


Lord of Lunch

For more than 60 years, the Villa De Nobili dining hall has been home to the TASIS knight and his historic implements of defense.


Lab Rats

On January 11, High School students in AP Chemistry used spectrophotometers to measure the change sodium hydroxide has on the concentration of a crystal violet solution. See more photos


LEGO Coders

Grade 2 students explored the basics of computer programing while attending Ms. Caroline Rossi's art class on January 11. See more photos.


Standout Scholars

During the High School Academic Awards Assembly on January 12, five TASIS seniors—Anna Batyreva, Annie Bezikian, Tomasso Danisi, Misha Varha, and Sophia Zuchetto—were formally inducted into the TASIS Chapter of the Cum Laude Society. They join classmates Giada Giuliani, Mariaurora Rosso, Agnese Salvatico, Alexandra Svirina, Allegra Talamo, and Oleksii Varha—each of whom was inducted last spring—and 47 outstanding scholars from previous classes in the TASIS chapter, which remains the only one in Switzerland.


Musical Interlude

Miceno Martins Rossi ’24 performed Coldplay’s “Paradise” on piano for his peers during a High School assembly on January 12.


Powerful Polyglots

On January 13, 3rd-grade students in Ms. Giulia Giobbio’s Italian class worked together to identify the rules Italian adjectives follow. See more photos


Poesia sull'amicizia

Ms. Luisella Govoni’s grade 4 students started Italian class on January 13 by writing poems to their best friends. See more photos


Hoop Dreams

The TASIS Tigers hosted the ISSL Boys Varsity Basketball Tournament in the Palestra on January 13. See more photos.


Ski Adventures

On January 13, Middle School members of the TASIS Snowsports Club kicked off their winter season in Splugen while High School members of the Club ventured to Andermatt for their second outing of the new year. 


Roundtable Discussion

High School students debated the pros and cons of artificial intelligence while gathered around a Harkness table in Ms. Amy Vander Heiden's British Literature class on January 15. See more photos.


Working Together

On January 18, grade 7 students met on the outdoor basketball courts for a discussion about teamwork and a tug-of-war competition.


“Coloring Outside the Lines”

Jenny and the Paper Pirates premiered in the Palmer Cultural Center on the evening of January 18. Congratulations to the Elementary School Theater Program for several outstanding performances! Learn more.


Laudable Linguists

On January 19, Middle School students in Ms. Christine Noseda’s Advanced French class demonstrated their French proficiency by making informative slides on a subject of their choice and presenting to the class. See more photos.


Flag Parade

To open International Week on January 22, selected students from all three divisions proudly marched around the Palestra with the flags of the 64 nations currently represented in the TASIS student body. See more photos and learn more.


International Human Beings

Later in the International Week Opening Ceremony, one student in each grade was presented a Torch Award. In the spirit of International Week, the prestigious award is presented to students who embody cross-cultural understanding and make a significant effort to reach out to students from other countries and cultures. Congratulations to this year’s recipients!


Spirited Play

Members of FC Campetto celebrated a goal during the pool stage of the annual TASIS International Week World Cup Soccer Tournament. See more photos of the pool stage


Princeton University A Cappella

After performing for the TASIS community in the Palmer Cultural Center on Sunday, January 21, and as part of the International Week Opening Ceremony the following morning, the Footnotes of Princeton University ran a cappella workshops for the High School and Middle School Choirs on Tuesday, January 23.


The Thrill of Victory

This year's highly competitive High School World Cup concluded on January 24 with a thrilling final match in the Palestra. Congratulations to this year’s champions! See more photos of the playoffs.


Faculty Smackdown

Bragging rights belong to the TASIS Faculty after a team of teachers and administrators defeated a team of student athletes in the annual International Week Faculty vs Students volleyball match. See more photos


Dancing with the Stars

While in town to perform at the Lugano Arts Center, three cast members of the West Side Story International Tour visited campus to lead a dance workshop on January 24. See more photos.


Tasty Cultural Exchange

High School students prepared a wide variety of delicious dishes from their native countries and shared them with their friends and teachers at the International Food Fair on January 25. See more photos.


Sharing Their Culture

During the Middle School’s International Week assembly on January 26, students from across the world shared elements of their culture with their classmates. See more photos.


Breads of the World

To celebrate TASIS’s internationalism, members of the incredible TASIS Parents Association (TPA) baked breads and desserts from around the world to share with Elementary School and Middle School students on January 25 and 26.