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TASIS School Song: "Alma Mater"

"Alma Mater" was written by Todd Fletcher for the original musical that tells the story of the incomparable life of TASIS founder M. Crist Fleming: MCF, What a Life! 

The version of "Alma Mater" atop this page was arranged by Samantha Forrest and Jonathan Morris and performed by TASIS Alumni, Faculty, and High School Choir members as part of the School's beautiful virtual Commencement Ceremony on May 30, 2020.


Humanitas et sapientia,

Scientia et veritas.

Culture and Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth,

Eternal flames that find their sparks in youth;

On a hill of gold there's a tower rising boldly,

A lamp that shines night and day;

There's a book open wide that will forever be our guide,

And the sun to light our way;

Humanitas et sapientia,

Scientia et veritas.

Verum, Bonum, Pulchrum

Truth and Goodness and Beauty,

Verum, Bonum, Pulchrum!


2020 Performers

Jonathan Morris

Choral Members
Soprano 1: Sofya Rappoport ’22, Charlie Rhein ’22, Sayaka Shiraishi ’23, Jessica Surer 
Soprano 2: Erica Engstrom Cali ’94, Samantha Forrest, Julie Frazier-Smith, Refilwe Riba ’19
Alto: Arina Kalashnikova ’23, Melody Zanecchia, Anna Collingwood ’20, Katy Howell ’08 
Tenor: Matthew Frazier-Smith, Tamara Schumacher, Claire Thomas 
Bass: Jonathan Xie ’16, Ethan Fredericksen ’18, Oscar Schiller ’22