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Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster Chris NikoloffTASIS The American School in Switzerland is a school built on a vision. Our vision grows from a passionate belief in the importance of a classical education and noble virtues, experienced in a setting of breathtaking beauty at the crossroads of European and Mediterranean civilization. Our nurturing, supportive community of students and scholars believes such an education is the surest path, the firmest foundation, upon which to build a life.

M. Crist Fleming founded The American School in Switzerland in 1956, and in a 1996 speech she said:

Maybe foolishly, but 40 years ago I did dream of a school or schools that by bringing young people closely together in their young and formative tender years we might be able to “bond” the world together in such a way that ties of understanding, compassion, love, and a sense of reality would create a saner, safer, better world.

That dream comes to life daily in the experiences and programs of TASIS. Our campus and its buildings, with inspiring views of mountains and Lake Lugano, provide an ideal setting for study and reflection. A short drive from northern Italy, our home in Montagnola provides the starting point for an ambitious program of travel to sites near and far. Our location and program underscore our belief that students learn best through active, first-hand engagement with our world and its cultures.

One of my major goals as Headmaster is to ensure that we continue to stress and highlight the things that were so important to Mrs. Fleming—academic excellence, the arts, beauty, the development of good character, service, civility, good manners, compassion, and respect, just to name a few. Because many of our students and teachers have not had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Fleming, we have important traditions like Founder’s Day so that she might come to life for them too.

As you review this website, I invite you to imagine for yourself how our combination of place, people, and principles offers students a unique community in which to grow into their best selves. We hope you will consider taking a closer look at TASIS The American School in Switzerland.

Christopher Nikoloff
TASIS Headmaster