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High School Administrative Intern

High School Administrative Intern

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead a HS Advisor group 
  • Co-lead/assist a HS Service Learning group
  • Co-lead/assist After-School Activities
  • Assistance with the After-School Sports Program
  • Assistance with assemblies and events
  • Chaperone school events such as but not limited to Fall and Spring Academic Travel and Winter Adventure
  • Serve as dorm parent (dorm duty, study hall, weekend activities, etc.) 
  • Serve as a resident in a dorm
  • Support the HS Dean of Students with other tasks throughout the year as needed
  • Support/assist the Athletic Director with home games/tournaments 
  • Observe, co-teach, and teach with a master teacher in a subject based on degree and interest

Specific Details

HS Advisory 

  • Oversee an Advisor group with direction from the Dean of Students

HS After-School Activities Co-Leader/Assistant Coach

  • Lead/assist with one or two activities per sports term (two seasons out of three)

HS Dorm Parent

  • Assist dorm parents with dorm duty
  • Support nurses with boarding student health-related appointments during the day
  • Three evening duties a week (helping with study hall and lights out)
  • Help with weekend activities when on duty (approximately eight weekend duties)
  • Assist with three or four shared duty days/weekends
    (orientation, overnight trips, winter & spring departures, end-of-year departures)
  • Provide assistance during orientation days and the first week of school
    (additional duties and meetings during the week and weekend)
  • Attend dorm parent meetings 
  • Attend occasional meetings with students (with the dorm team)
  • Participate in emergency duties
  • Attend dorm workshops 
  • Help students with various issues that come up (uniforms, clothing, laundry, etc.)
  • Coordinate snack pick up with assigned boarding students each week
  • Take on mentor responsibilities and mediate roommate disputes
  • Help organize special dorm events

General help for other administrative duties

  • HS Assemblies (slide shows, certificates, and tech)
  • HS events (International Week, Shadow Day, Graduation, etc.)
  • Photos for slideshows and coordinate with yearbook supervisor
  • Substitute teacher (in case of emergency)
  • Help coordinate facilities when needed
  • Chaperone two Academic Travel trips per year

HS Service Learning

  • Co-lead a Service Learning group (plan, supervise, and participate in activities)

Employment Requirements

  • College/University degree
  • Less than one year removed from education certification/degree program or similar
  • Swiss or EU citizenship
  • Passion for secondary education

Duration of the Internship

  • August 2022 - June 2023

Compensation Package

  • Gross compensation: CHF 15,000
  • The School also provides medical coverage, housing, laundry, and food benefits (through our dinning hall). The intern will pay tax on these benefits.
  • The school will reimburse up to CHF 1,500 for travel and moving expenses upon arrival. 
  • This compensation includes two seasons of coaching or monitoring a competitive sport, recreational sport, or fitness activity.

Please apply using the Faculty Employment Application form by May 30, 2022.