The American School in SwitzerlandThe American School in Switzerland

Position: Athletics Intern
Department: Athletic Department
Supervisor: Athletic Director (AD)

General overview of position:

The Athletics Intern carries out his/her internship in the Athletic Department with the aim of acquiring fundamental basic knowledge in a critical area of International Boarding Schools.

He/She helps and supports the Athletic Director (AD) in supervision and organization of the athletic program school-wide and co-curricular program in the High School. The Athletic Intern performs his/her duties under the guidance, supervision and direct responsibility of the AD. The program includes school-sponsored and school-authorized activities in which TASIS students participate or which involve the use of the school’s facilities and/or equipment. The Athletic Intern supports the AD to ensure that co-curricular activities operate in a safe manner and provide students with worthwhile learning experiences that align with the philosophy and core values of TASIS.

The intern will be immersed in sports management, leadership, and support athletic initiatives throughout the school. The intern will assist in sourcing and developing new and current athletic programs and be exposed and engaged in all aspects of one of the leading American school programs in Europe.

The goals of TASIS’s athletic program are to optimize the opportunity of participation for our students and to promote a high level of skill development and performance participation. In conjunction with individual coaches/sponsors, and with the support of the TASIS administration, staff, and the AD, the Athletic Intern will establish and communicate to students and parents clear and timely information for each activity consistent with the objectives, requirements, and expectations of the program. The Athletic Intern will likewise support the AD
in developing and maintaining the best possible relations with the TASIS community and the general public, in line with our mission to offer a balanced and engaging learning environment enriched by being in Switzerland and strengthened by collaboration with parents and external partnerships.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Support the AD and AAD (Associate Athletic Director) in daily administrative tasks.
  • Support the AD and AAD in equipment and uniform management.
  • Support the AD and AAD in running and directing home games, tournaments, and special events of the athletic program.
  • Support the AD and AAD in developing Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) plans for new coaches / instructors and developing an TASIS athletics handbook.
  • Support the AD and AAD in collaborating with the TPA (TASIS Parent Association) to strengthen the school spirit through the athletic program including pre-event promotional planning.
  • Substitute and chaperone athletic trips and activities as needed.
  • Chaperone Academic Travel trips during the intern’s tenure at TASIS (at least 1 per semester). The intern may also be called on from time to time to serve as a chaperone for Academic Travel trips.
  • Regularly shadow a PE teacher to learn about teaching pedagogy and act as a substitute teacher when needed.
  • Research various sports, programs, report to directors on successful programs, actively assist in the creation of resources for coaches

Professional skills:

The intern who will be offered this intern position is expected to demonstrate:

  • Commitment and integrity
  • A sound interest in learning and understanding the philosophy and overall operations of the co-curricular program and the needs of students with regard to co-curricular activities
  • English fluency
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity, able to clearly communicate both orally and in writing to a diverse group of cultures and in diverse settings. This extends to strong listening skills.
  • Proven organizational skills
  • Problem-solving, conflict resolution, and team-building skills
  • Demonstrated proficiency in required technology (Word, Excel, Google Suite for Education) and willingness to work with our school database
  • Willingness to contribute to strengthen and develop the Athletic Program
  • First Aid and CPR Certified

What we offer:

  • A stimulating international working environment
  • An open-minded, supportive, and motivated team
  • Opportunities to actively contribute to the school's development
  • Attractive skill development and training options
  • Various extracurricular programs
  • Flexible working hours
  • Onsite fitness facility
  • Benefits
    • Monthly wage
    • Accident and Health insurances
    • Room & Board
    • Travel reimbursement to Lugano
  • Travel options throughout Europe (Work and Non-work related)

Additional comments:

In order to satisfy Swiss Law requirements surrounding internships, we will only be able to accept candidates who will be able to start the internship in their first year after graduation OR candidates for whom an internship is required by a training institute with a maximum duration regulated by the training institute. This internship can be completed as part of a pre-requirement to access a specific school, or in order to obtain the academic diploma.

The person appointed to this position is expected to work approximately forty (40) hours a week (Monday - Friday) and on weekends as needed. A medical certificate of “good health” must be presented, as this person must be physically fit and perform manual labor.

The Athletic Intern should also be available to perform any task relevant to the position assigned by the AD and the School in line with the provisions of Swiss law.