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The Board's Position on Social Justice

The TASIS Board of Directors is committed to a just, prejudice-free community and world.

We believe any form of racism, bigotry, homophobia, and discrimination based on socioeconomic status or provenance has no place in a community built on the tenets of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Our Founder, Mary Crist Fleming, stood for personal responsibility, civility, compassion, justice, and truth and welcomed every person to her schools regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation.

The Board pledges to promote this heritage based on social justice by protecting the right to speak freely, to practice faith openly, to be exposed to opinions and views that we may not share, and to live and form friendships in communities different from our own.

We confirm an institutional commitment to address fairly and firmly incidents of racial and social injustice in all their manifestations. While we believe some acts should lead to immediate dismissal, many will present an opportunity for clarifying communications and intentions, for personal growth and learning, and for asking and granting forgiveness. As a school we have an obligation to protect, as well as to educate.

With the leadership of our outstanding Headmaster, TASIS will continue careful, respectful, and open dialogues with alumni, faculty, students, and staff. The School will strengthen its existing programs and policies through the lens of social justice, as well as reinforce its curriculum with a view towards inclusion of critical but often overlooked voices.

The Board will remain vigilant and faithfully seek ways to advance these measures. We are humbled by and grateful to all who actively help TASIS fulfill its commitment to a just, kind, prejudice-free community.

The Board of Directors of TASIS SA