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Board of Directors

In 2005, the TASIS Foundation Board changed the form of governance at the two TASIS Schools (TASIS Switzerland and TASIS England). The new governance structure created a Board of Directors at each School responsible for all aspects of the Schools’ operations with significant autonomy to direct the Schools’ activities, consistent with the broad but specific objectives of the TASIS Foundation.

Meetings are held three times a year on campus. This Board consists of TASIS alumni and professionals in the educational, legal, and business world.


Lynn Fleming Aeschliman '63

Chairman, TASIS Board of Directors
Member, TASIS Foundation Board
Founder, TASIS Elementary School 

Chairman, Board Campus Development Committee

Lynn Fleming Aeschliman ’63, Chairman, B.A. from Barnard College, Columbia University, is an alumna of TASIS and daughter of Founder Mary Crist Fleming. She has worked in many facets of the TASIS organization, managing its theater company, publications, films, and building projects on all of its campuses for many years. She served as Assistant Director of TASIS and Chairman of the TASIS Development Board before moving to Virginia, where she ran an architectural restoration firm and served as Director of an elementary school. She has supervised major architectural restoration projects in the USA, England (all the original buildings of the TASIS England campus), Italy, and Switzerland—the TASIS campus and now the rapidly-developing TASIS Global Village Master Plan, which extends until 2032—and has run summer camps in Switzerland and France and co-directed a residential college in Lausanne, Switzerland. Mrs. Aeschliman served as Executive Director of the TASIS organization from 1996–2005 and now serves on the TASIS Foundation Board and as Chairman of the TASIS SA Board of Directors. Her two children graduated from TASIS. She is also the Founding Director of the TASIS Elementary School.

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Sara Rosso Cipolini

TASIS Parent
President, Planhotel Resorts and Hotels

Sara Rosso Cipolini was educated in Italy and Switzerland. After graduating from high school, she attended classes in Accounting, Financial Management, Hospitality Sales, and Marketing at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Between 1989 and 1997 she worked for Pantravel SA (a forerunner of Planhotel SA) and traveled widely, organizing and accompanying incentive groups all over the world.

Since 2008, Sara has been the President of Planhotel SA, a company for which she served as Managing Director from 1997-2007 and that specializes in resorts ownership, management, supervising, planning, and project development. This group now comprises 14 resorts, hotels, and spas in Kenya, Zanzibar, and the Maldives, with a new opening planned in Mozambique.

Sara and her husband Carlo have had two sons graduate from TASIS, and Sara has served as the Chair of the MS Parents Advisory Group (PAG).

Sara Rosso Cipolini


Marco Ornaghi

TASIS Parent
Real Estate Investor and Asset Manager
Chairman, TASIS Board of Directors Finance Committee

Marco Ornaghi was born in Italy. A Cum Laude Economics graduate of Bocconi University, Milan, he is an experienced real estate professional investor with a diversified background.

After graduating, Marco moved to London where he spent more than six years developing the international business of a large Italian printing and publishing company. During this period, Marco was head of a business unit that acquired and managed important accounts with some of the most relevant publishing houses in the US, the UK, Scandinavia, and Germany. He then moved back to Italy, in the year 2000, to join the general management of the same company. He later went on to advise various Italian businesses in the fields of business strategy, international development and marketing.

In 2004, he joined his wife Lorenza's family real estate business and together they started various initiatives in Italy, Switzerland, and in the UK with a specific focus on retail property developments and commercial property acquisitions. Marco also continued advising Italian and International groups in the fields of real estate investments, retail expansion, and asset management. A Swiss resident since 2012, he is now director of the Swiss branch of the family-owned real estate investment business with various property interests in Europe.

Marco and Lorenza have two sons who attended TASIS for many years.

Marco Ornaghi


Mathias Mühlhofer ’95

Secretary, TASIS Board of Directors
Lawyer and Real Estate Developer
TASIS Parent

Mathias Mühlhofer ’95 attended TASIS for six years and graduated as Valedictorian and recipient of the H. Miller Crist Award, the highest accolade awarded to a graduating student each spring. Additionally, Mathias was recognized as an International AP Scholar by the College Board for his outstanding achievement of posting an average score of more than 4.0 on 13 AP exams, and he was one of two international students flown to the United States to meet President Bill Clinton.

Mathias holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Law, both from the University of Vienna. In 2008 he co-founded a real estate development firm with a sizable property portfolio. In addition, Mathias continues to manage the family business that refurbishes turn-of-the-century residential buildings in Vienna. He has served as Legal Advisor and Management Assistant at CoCo Software and, while still a student, held the position of CFO of the Austrian Students’ Union at the University of Vienna, as well as fulfilling the role of Secretary General of the national student government party, AktionsGemeinschaft.

Mathias is married to Dr. Ulrike Mühlhofer, an orthopedic surgeon, and they have two daughters, Marie-Therese and Katharina, both of whom have attended the TASIS summer programs in Lugano.

Mathias Mühlhofer


Alexandra Heumann Wicki ’80

Vice-Chairman, TASIS Board of Directors 
Member, TASIS Foundation Board
Founder and Chairman, JHS Foundation

Alexandra Heumann Wicki ’80, born in Germany to an American father and a German mother, grew up in the Ticino, where she attended elementary school and later attended TASIS for six years. She was the first TASIS graduate to undertake the IB and received several TASIS awards, among them for the senior who best represents the ideals and goals of the school.

Alexandra then studied English Philology, English Literature, and Political Philosophy at the Université de Fribourg, followed by a performing arts curriculum at Lee Strasberg in New York City. During those years she worked in the field of the theater arts and spent numerous summers as a counselor at TASIS. Her last teaching position was with the European Film Actors School (EFAS) in Zurich, where she taught for nine years. In 2000, she started a Swiss humanitarian foundation that supports students in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Alexandra and her husband Dr. Andreas Wicki live in Zurich. Their three children studied in the US and the UK. She has been a member of the TASIS Board of Directors since its inception in 2005.

Alexandra Heumann Wicki


Carla Arimont ’94

Founder and Managing Partner, Lincoln Leadership Advisors
Board member, EADA Business School
Vice President, Spain US Chamber of Commerce
TASIS Parent

Ms. Arimont was a standout boarding student at TASIS for six years, earning both the Valedictorian Award and the H. Miller Crist Award—the highest recognition accorded by the TASIS faculty to one senior each year—in her final year. Her sister Barbara ’92 and brother Miky ’00, children Olivia ’22 and Sol ’24, and nieces Valentina and Pia ’22 also attended TASIS.

The Founder and Managing Partner of Lincoln Leadership Advisors, Ms. Arimont is a firm believer in constant growth and development. Throughout her 15+ years of experience in talent management, she has provided coaching to more than 500 senior professionals, and she brings more than 25 years of experience in executive search to her Leadership Advisory practice, offering a well-structured and deeply rooted understanding of how leadership skills are identified, assessed, trained, and nurtured. 

Fluent in Spanish, English and French, Ms. Arimont has extensive professional experience across diverse industries in North America, Europe, and Latin America. She has cultivated her expertise in talent management and executive coaching through a trajectory of work with various international organizations, including the United Nations (Washington DC), Seeliger & Conde (USA & Europe), Drax Group (Europe), and Lincoln Leadership Advisors. She is also a Board member of EADA’s Business School and Vice President of the Spain US Chamber of Commerce.

Ms. Arimont holds a joint Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Diplomatic Studies from George Washington University and Georgetown University (Washington D.C.) and a Degree in French Civilization and Literature from Université de la Sorbonne (Paris).


Lars Titland

Director, Odfjell Capital Ltd.
TASIS Parent

Following his military service (cavalry storm trooper), studies in Art History at University of Oslo (laud.), and BSc. in Economics at Copenhagen Business School, Lars Titland graduated Cand.Merc. / MSc. in Economics and Business Administration at CBS’s International Business Program with an average grade of 10/Outstanding.

Lars subsequently worked for 25 years in the finance industry, predominantly from London. He was a ranked equity strategist in Credit Suisse First Boston, worked in corporate finance in CSFB and DVB Bank, and was portfolio manager and partner in hedge funds at Pamplona Capital Management and Langlade Capital Management. He also served on the board of Odfjell Drilling, a leading European offshore drilling contractor, and is a current board member of Hafnia LR shipping pool.

With his wife Marianne, Lars now manages the London family office Odfjell Capital, which has a broad range of financial interests. The company’s activities also include an industrial shipping business based in Singapore.

Lars and Marianne—an active member of the TASIS Parent Association—moved to Ticino in 2016. Their daughter is a day student at TASIS.