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Well-Rounded IB Student To Study Law at Queen Mary
Demetrius Essaris ’22

Following three excellent years as a boarding student at TASIS, Demetrius Essaris ’22 (Canada/Greece) intends to study Law at Queen Mary University of London. He chose the esteemed public research university over Royal Holloway, University of London.

Demetrius earned the Highest Honors distinction numerous times at TASIS and completed an IB Diploma, scoring an impressive 40 points on his assessment. A well-rounded member of the TASIS community, he received the Physical Education award in grade 10, the Advanced French award in grade 11, and the Performing Arts award in grade 12. He was also a valuable member of the Varsity Soccer team—winning the Most Improved Player award as a senior—founded the TASIS Chess Club in grade 11, was a member of the student-directed Service Learning Board in grade 12, and served as a dorm proctor in grades 11–12.

Following his graduation in May 2022, Demetrius answered the following questions about his time at TASIS The American School in Switzerland.

Do you feel that your time at TASIS has prepared you well for college?
I feel like my time at TASIS prepared me well for college, especially considering that I took the IB Diploma Programme and was strongly challenged to balance my academics with my life as a boarding student. Furthermore, being in an environment like TASIS where I could meet people from a large variety of backgrounds and with many different perspectives has allowed me to expand my knowledge and be more open-minded, which is something beneficial that will translate to my future in college. I also feel as though I have become very independent at TASIS and have been able to try new things—whether it be through service learning, academics, or extracurricular activities—which will help to ensure that I am prepared for all of the many opportunities ahead in college.

Demetrius Essaris ’22 playing drums

Did the College Counseling Office influence your path and/or help you achieve your goals?
The College Counseling Office helped me a lot by directing me on how best to pursue my goal of studying law in university. I was already keen on studying law, but the college counselors helped me narrow down everything from my university choices to the specific program I chose, and they also helped me understand the differences between studying law in different countries. As a result, I am very happy with my choices and the university path the College Counseling Office helped me form. 

What experiences have you found most inspiring at TASIS?
I think that my experience in my Global Service Program groups—Intergenerations in grade 10, Gram Vikas India in grade 11, and the Service Learning Board in grade 12—have inspired me a lot to have a positive mindset toward creating meaningful change in the world and helping out in any way I can. I think that the lessons I have learnt in Service Learning will be very useful for applying myself in my future career and in continuing to acquire knowledge about the world. I also found the challenge of being a proctor in high school very inspiring, which prompted me to become one in the first place, and I think that the leadership skills demonstrated by my proctor peers have encouraged me to set a good example for others and push myself to reach my full potential as a person. 


Being in an environment like TASIS where I could meet people from a large variety of backgrounds and with many different perspectives has allowed me to expand my knowledge and be more open-minded…


What courses or teachers will you remember most fondly?
In all honesty, I think I will remember all of my IB teachers and courses very profoundly based on the sheer importance the IB program played in my high school life. In particular, I will fondly remember my higher level teachers Mr. Shelley, Mr. Diviani, Mr. Cawthorne, and Ms. Kavalauskas as well as the courses they teach—IB History, IB Business Management (for both Mr. Cawthorne and Mr. Diviani), and IB English Language and literature—due to the difficulty of their courses and their ability to support me effectively throughout the process.

What do you think you will miss the most about your time at TASIS?
I think I will definitely miss my friends the most and also the campus because of how long I lived there as a boarding student.

Demetrius Essaris ’22, TASIS Boys Soccer Team

Dealing with a pandemic for the better part of your final three years of high school was far from ideal. But is there anything positive you've been able to take away from all of this?
I think the most positive thing I have been able to take away from all of this, which was highlighted to me through the abnormal circumstances of the pandemic, was that having a balance between school, socializing, and exercise is extremely crucial for excelling at productivity and achieving my goals. During the pandemic, I shifted all of my focus to school. This boded well for my grades, but I ultimately got burnt out because I overdid it and struggled as a result. However, once sports came back and I was able to socialize more, I was able to get back on track and finish the year strong both academically and in general. By achieving a greater balance, I was able to allow myself to excel in the things I wanted to accomplish by the end of my time at TASIS.

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