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The Pirates of Penzance Take Over TASIS

Pirates of Penzance Cast

Congratulations to High School Theater Director Valerie Bijur Carlson and her talented and hardworking cast and crew for delighting audiences with three outstanding performances of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance over the weekend of March 29–31. Learn more about the musical and enjoy the Friday and Saturday evening performances below.

Gilbert and Sullivan: Operetta and Pirates

Librettist W.S. Gilbert wrote the words and composer Sir Arthur Sullivan wrote the score for their 14 operettas, in a collaboration that lasted 25 years. Their quarter of a century long partnership began in 1871, when the pair were brought together by theatre manager Richard D’Oyly Carte.

But what is operetta, and why are Gilbert and Sullivan so important to it? According to the English National Operas website, “Sitting somewhere between an opera and a musical, operettas, or ‘light operas,’ flourished in the UK thanks to Gilbert and Sullivan. Operetta tends to be shorter than opera and mix song with spoken dialogue and impressive dance numbers. To put it simply, operettas can generally be described as light operas with spoken dialogue. In comparison, most musicals can be described as plays with singing.”

And what about plots? Well.... “as the story goes, when William Schwenck Gilbert was just two years old he was kidnapped by Italian bandits. His parents were on holiday in Naples when a couple of men approached the maid looking after baby Gilbert and demanded the child. For a small fortune of £25, his parents were able to win back their son. Whether the dramatic story is true or not, it had a profound effect on Gilbert’s story-telling—he created Ruth, the foolish nursery-maid from The Pirates of Penzance.”


Scenes and Musical Numbers

Pirates of Penzance

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Act I: The rocky, sandy Cornish coast of Penzance, England | 11:30 AM on Saturday, March 1, 1893

Act II: A chapel on the estate of Major General Stanley | 10:50 PM, three days later


Act I

“Pour, oh pour, the pirate sherry"
The Pirates of Penzance
"When Fred'ric was a little lad"
"I am a pirate king!"  Pirate King & Pirates
"Oh! false one, you have deceiv'd me"  Frederic & Ruth
"Climbing over rocky mountain"
The Stanley Daughters
"Oh, is there not one maiden breast?"
Frederic & Daughters
"Poor wand'ring one"
Mabel & Daughters
"Stay, we must not lose our senses" / "Married with impunity" Frederic, Daughters, & Pirates 
"I am the very model of a modern Major-General"
Major-General, Pirates, & Daughters
Finale Act I, including
     “I’m telling a terrible story” and
     "Pray observe the magnanimity”
The Company
Act II  
"Oh, dry the glist'ning tear"
The Stanley Daughters 
"When the foeman bares his steel"
Sergeant, Policeman, & Daughters
"A paradox"
Ruth, Frederic, & Pirate King
"Away, away! My heart's on fire!"
Ruth, Frederic, & Pirate King
"Stay, Fred'ric, stay" / “Here is Love”
Mabel & Frederic
“Oh, Leave Me Not”
"With cat-like tread"
The Pirates of Penzance
"Hush, hush, not a word!"
Major-General & the Company 
Finale Act II, including  
     “With base deceit”
Pirate King
     Reprise: "Magnanimity”
The Company

Cast and Characters

The Pirates of Penzance
Francis Accilien ’19
Pedro Cardoso Dias ’22
Oscar Schiller ’22
Laura Kockara ’20
Lukas Heuchert de Camargo ’22
Matt Meng ’21
Fran Suarez ’21
The Stanleys
Lukas Heuchert de Camargo ’22


Ella Abisi ’21 & Sofya (Sarah) Rappoport ’22
Larissa Delfino ’20
Gabriela Mazzola Serrano ’21
Anna Collingwood ’20
Jianing (Jenny) Song ’22
Ella Abisi ’21 & Sofya (Sarah) Rappoport ’22
The Constabulary
Fran Suarez ’21
Yuanzhi (Matt) Meng ’21

* Please note that where two names are listed for one part, it is a shared role.

Production Team

Director/Production Manager Ms. Valerie Bijur Carlson
Music Director Mr. Jonathan Morris
Choreographer Ms. Julie Edwards Frazier-Smith
Stage Managers Graham Hogan ’21 (deck) & Zawadiyah Tolliver ’20* (calling)
Scene Shop Manager/Tech Director Mr. Thomas Joyce
Props & Set Designers/Scene Shop Alessandro Carlesimo ’22, Anna Collingwood ’20, Sofia Gozman ’22, Yan (Elsie) Li ’20, Xingling (Queenie) Liu ’20, Fran Suarez ’21, & Ms. Carlson
Painting Instructor Mr. Andrea Molina
Column Painting IB Theatre I class
Screen Design Elementary School 4th & 5th grade Art students & Ms. Caroline Rossi
Running Crew Sofia Gozman ’22
Hair & Make-up Designers/Crew Hanna Osgood ’20, Ana Paula Sordo ’20, & Sasha Tyutyunyk ’20
Costume Designers IB Theatre I class and Ms. Sioux Whenray-Hughes
Costume Shop Manager & First Hand Ms. Sioux Whenray-Hughes
Crafting & Costume Assistance Iris Kaymak ’20* & Ms. Paola Prentice
Wardrobe Crew Maja Pszczola ’22
Lighting Design & Board Ops Pedro Santiago ’22 & Samantha Walker ’19*
Electricians Mr. Todd Bearden & Mr. Pietro Bassi
Production Photographer Ms. Kim Nelson
Headshots Yulia Mochalnikova ’20 & Mr. Frank Long
Poster & Program Design Ms. Valerie Bijur Carlson & Mr. Jacopo Riva
Communications & Public Relations Mr. Mark Chevalier & Mr. Brendan Shea


*Members of IB Theatre 2019-2020


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