The American School in SwitzerlandThe American School in Switzerland
The Life of a Student Artist at TASIS

Francis Accilien ’19, Lana Kozak ’19, and Sofya Rappaport ’22

In this episode of TASIS Stories, Director of Communications Mark Chevalier sits down with three of the School’s exceptional young artists—Francis Accilien ’19, Lana Kozak ’19, and Sofya Rappoport ’22—to learn about their backgrounds, the opportunities they’ve had to grow as artists at TASIS, their thoughts on the 2019 Spring Arts Festival, and their future ambitions.

The following topics are covered over the course of the 25-minute podcast:

  • Our guests discuss their backgrounds as artists prior to arriving at TASIS. (0:56)
  • Lana and Francis talk about what has changed for them as artists since they started at TASIS. (4:44)
  • Our guests describe the opportunities they’ve had in the arts at TASIS. (6:09)
  • Our guests discuss what they will be doing in the upcoming Spring Arts Festival. (12:16)
  • Our guests describe what it’s like to be a part of this annual TASIS tradition. (14:48)
  • Francis talks about the dedicated teachers who prepare students for this massive undertaking. (17:50)
  • Lana discusses the inspiring community of artists that exists at TASIS. (18:49)
  • Our guests share the lofty ambitions they have as artists as they look toward the future. (19:24)
  • Francis and Sofya close the episode with some final thoughts on the opportunities TASIS offers young artists. (22:43)

Francis starring in the 2019 High School Spring Musical, The Pirates of Penzance.

Francis starring in the 2019 High School Spring Musical, The Pirates of Penzance.

Another sample from Lana’s extensive portfolioA sample from Lana’s extensive portfolio

Another sample from Lana’s extensive portfolio

Sofya singing in last spring’s "Music Without Borders" concert at Lugano’s prestigious Palazzo dei Congressi

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