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TASIS Middle School presents Magnificent Seven Fall Virtue Awards

The TASIS Middle School held its annual Magnificent 7 Fall Virtue Awards Assembly on the afternoon of December 9 to honor students who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to the values prized by TASIS founder M. Crist Fleming: integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, humility, service, and vision.

The following students were nominated by members of the Middle School faculty and then selected as this year's winners.


Dealing honestly with each other and ourselves, and honoring our commitments

6th grade selection: Maria Zhuravleva

7th grade selection: Sofia Rita

8th grade selection: Enrique Gazaneo



Demonstrating an appreciation of the dignity of each human being and the beauty of the natural world

6th grade selection: Valentina Alencar Barros

7th grade selection: William Harting

8th grade selection: Carola Camilleri



Being accountable for our own actions; not blaming others for our mistakes or taking credit for another’s achievements; upholding obligations to others

6th grade selection: Alexia Dochnal

7th grade selection: Simona Xin Hu

8th grade selection: Anna Savinova



Treating others in a kind and caring way

6th grade selection: Adriana Romanovskaja

7th grade selection: Ella Abisi

8th grade selection: Jennifer Kraemer



Acknowledging our weaknesses and learning from them


6th grade selection: Pedro Cardoso Dias

7th grade selection: Paulina Karstens

8th grade selection: Hanna Osgood



Dedicating ourselves to making a positive contribution to our community and world

6th grade selection: Faye Losekoot

7th grade selection: Oliver Stufft

8th grade selection: Skye Rourke



Making sacrifices in the present to build a better future

6th grade selection: Alexander Ovsyannikov

7th grade selection: Giulio Bianco

8th grade selection: Moritz-Jacob Mohr

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