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TASIS IB Scores Hold Steady as Global Average Drops a Full Point

In the analysis below, we highlight the impressive work TASIS The American School in Switzerland students put forth on the May 2022 International Baccalaureate (IB) exams. A great deal of commendation is due to the 65 students who sat for at least one IB exam this spring, the outstanding teachers who prepared them so effectively despite the many challenges presented over the past two years, International Baccalaureate Coordinator Katherine Anderson, Headmaster Christopher Nikoloff, Head of High School Academics Dr. Mark Abisi, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Coordinator Anthony Panontin, Extended Essay Coordinator Dan Kirsch, and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) Coordinator Mara Bernasconi.

And now a look at the results:

Average Diploma Score Tops World Average by Three Points

The average score posted by TASIS candidates who were awarded an IB Diploma held steady at 35 while the global average fell from 33 to 32. (Learn how a student’s IB Diploma score is calculated, and learn what adjustments the IBO has made as a result of the pandemic.) 

The five-year average for TASIS students has climbed to 33.56. 

Average Candidate Diploma Score (5-year trend)


TASIS Average

Worldwide Average

2019 32.2 29.6
2020 34.1 31.3
2021 35 33
2022 35 32

Eight Students Score 40 or More Points

Eight TASIS students—Valentina Alencar Barros, Alessandro Carlesimo, Alexia Dochnal, Demetrius Essaris, Marcello Mastronardi, Noe Matozzo, Maria Mochalnikova, and Zhamilya Mussaibekova—scored 40 or more points, a remarkable feat accomplished by, on average, just nine percent of Diploma Program candidates worldwide. 

In addition, 54 percent of all TASIS diploma recipients scored 35 points or higher.

First Perfect Score in School History

Special recognition goes to Class of 2022 Valedictorian Alexia Dochnal, who became the first TASIS student to score a perfect 45! She will be starting the highly selective Directed Studies program at Yale University in the fall.

IB Diploma Pass Rate a Perfect 100 Percent

All 39 eligible candidates passed their exams and earned an International Baccalaureate Diploma, marking the 10th consecutive year TASIS students have passed at a rate of 97 percent or higher. 

IB Diploma Pass Rate (5-year trend)


TASIS Average

Worldwide Average


Bilingual Diplomas Awarded to 11 Students 

The TASIS student body continues to be defined by Internationalism and multilingualism. Of the 39 students who passed their exams, 11 earned an IB Bilingual Diploma—meaning their first language (Language A) is not English or their Extended Essay was not written in English. Four different languages were represented in the 11 Bilingual Diplomas: Bulgarian, German, Italian, and Russian.

Average Subject Exam Score a Solid 5.42

All subject exams are scored on a 1–7 scale. Including students who took individual IB exams but did not pursue a full IB Diploma, 65 TASIS students combined for a total of 345 subject entries in 44 different subjects and posted an average exam score of 5.42

TASIS students recorded scores of 4 or above 96 percent of the time, 5 or above 80 percent of the time, and 6 or above 48 percent of the time. There were 25 different subject exams in which at least one TASIS student scored a 7—and 51 7s overall.

Standout Subjects

Two TASIS students—Noe Mattozo and Nicolas Wright—scored a 7 on the highly challenging IB Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Higher Level (HL) exam, helping Anthony Panontin’s class achieve a stellar average score of 6.00 that exceeded the global average by 0.79 points. TASIS IB math students also outpaced the worId average in Mathematics Applications and Interpretation HL by 0.42 points (taught by Eva Nijssen), in Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Standard Level (SL) by 0.37 points (taught by Deborah Tompkins), and in Mathematics Applications and Interpretation SL by 0.18 points (Ms. Nijssen).

Benefitting from a state-of-the-art science center and innovative faculty, IB science students posted excellent scores once again, topping the world average in Chemistry SL by 1.46 points (taught by Alec Ogilvie), in Biology HL by 0.85 points (taught by Peg Crockett), Biology SL by 0.33 points (Ms. Crockett), and in Chemistry HL by 0.11 points (Mr. Ogilvie).

Over the course of the past two years, Anna Kavalauskas Schwartz prepared 12 students for the English A: Language and Literature HL exam, and the results were outstanding, with the mean score of 5.92 exceeding the world average by 0.90 points. An additional 15 students (also taught by Ms. Kavalauskas Schwartz) took the English A: Language and Literature SL exam and produced a mean score of 5.67 (world average is 5.26). In addition, two of the six students who attempted the challenging English A: Literature HL exam—Alexia Dochnal and Zhamilya Mussaibekova—achieved the rare feat of scoring a 7, lifting Dr. Chris Love’s group to an average score of 5.50 that topped the global average by 0.77 points.

Continuing an impressive run of success, seven of the nine non-native English speakers who took the English B HL exam scored at least a 6, helping this cohort achieve an average score of 6.00. Credit is due to IB English B teacher Tamara Schumacher and the entire English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department for helping TASIS students achieve excellent results on this exam year in and year out.

In a further testament to the spirit of multilingualism present on campus, TASIS students did their usual excellent work on the Italian, French, German, and Spanish exams (B HL, B SL, and AB SL). Of the 42 students who sat for exams in Italian (taught by a combination of Natalia Carretta, Geraldine Caussette, Marzia Lecci, and Stephanie Roth over the course of two years), French (taught by Brigitte Cazebonne, Ms. Caussette, and Florence Kofler), German (taught by Ania Barciak and Simone Meister), or Spanish (taught by Angel Alvarez and Paloma Simona), 36 earned a 6 or 7. 

Mark Aeschliman, who has inspired countless TASIS students to pursue degrees in art history and architecture over the course of a brilliant 44-year career, guided the Art History SL class to a 5.33 average—0.86 points above the world average.

History Department Chair Dan Kirsch guided his students to a 5.70 average score on the European History HL exam and a 5.60 on the History SL exam. These marks exceeded the world averages by 0.71 and 0.84 points, respectively.

Twelve students sat for the Economics HL exam and achieved a mean score of 5.58, which compares favorably to the global average of 5.39. They were taught by Eric White in grade 11 and by Michael Clardy in grade 12.


TASIS IB Program

TASIS The American School in Switzerland, which most recently went through the International Baccalaureate’s rigorous authorization and evaluation process early in 2019, was the first school in Ticino to offer an IB Program and celebrated 25 years as an IB World School in 2020.

IB 25-Year Certificate

To learn why some students at TASIS choose to pursue an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma while others focus their efforts on Advanced Placement (AP) classes, we recommend reviewing this article, which also includes an analysis of AP and IB results from 2015 and earlier. Analyses of the 2021 IB results, 2021 AP results, 2020 IB results, 2020 AP results, 2019 IB results, 2019 AP results, 2018 IB results, 2018 AP results, 2017 IB and AP results, 2016 IB results, and 2016 AP results are also available on the TASIS website.

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