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TASIS Artists Showcase Talents at 2022 Spring Arts Festival
Arts Festival recap

Under the direction of TASIS Founder M. Crist Fleming, a passionate advocate of the arts, former faculty members Horst Dürrschmidt and Fernando Gonzales established the TASIS Spring Arts Festival in 1974. Held near the end of each school year, the festival is, in addition to a community-wide celebration of the arts, a final assessment for students in visual arts, theater, and music. “The Spring Arts Festival sets out to recognize the arts and to celebrate and support the unique contributions that the arts and humanities make to TASIS life,” explained Visual Arts Department Chair Martyn Dukes. “It gives us the opportunity to showcase, through performance and exhibition, the arts from across the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. It involves virtually every TASIS student.”

Mr. Dukes, acting Performing Arts Department Chair Angela Carota Dusing, and the many talented students and teachers they work with were delighted to share their outstanding work with the TASIS community over the course of three wonderful weeks in May. Click on the button below to see what our students and faculty members produced at the 48th annual TASIS Spring Arts Festival!



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