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Sweet November Dance Company Presents “Rain”


Sweet November Dance Company (SNDC) performed its fall concert, Rain, in front of a packed house in the Palmer Cultural Center on the evening of November 23. The inspiring performance, which included seven choreographed dances and a lovely musical interlude, can be viewed in full above.

SNDC is composed of TASIS High School students who dedicate their Sunday afternoons to learning company ensemble works, but Rain also featured outstanding contributions from TASIS Middle School students, Elementary School students, and faculty members. Review the program to learn who was involved, and see more photos on the TASIS SmugMug page.

Led by theater and dance teacher Ms. Julie Frazier-Smith, whose lifelong love of dance inspired her to establish SNDC in the fall of 2017, the company’s latest excellent performance follows its debut concert in November 2017, a dance showcase at the 2018 Spring Arts Festival, a fall concert in November 2018, a performance at the 2019 Spring Arts Festival, a fall showcase in November 2019, a virtual performance during the 2020 Spring Arts Festival, and a pre-recorded concert last fall.


Choreographed by Alexi Love (aerial) and Julie Frazier-Smith (floor work)

Dance in the Shadows

Choreographed by Sofya Rappaport ’22

Ocean Eyes

Choreographed by Julie Frazier-Smith

The Sea

Choreographed by Julie Frazier-Smith

Summer Shower

Choreographed by Iona Love

Ground Swimming

Choreographed by Mara Bernasconi

Rain on Me

Choreographed by Julie Frazier-Smith

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