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Sweet November Dance Company Dazzles in Latest Fall Concert


Sweet November Dance Company (SNDC) pre-recorded nine choreographed dances in the Palmer Center over the weekend of November 21–22 and released its 2020 fall concert on the afternoon of November 30. The outstanding performance can be viewed in full above.

Led by theater and dance teacher Ms. Julie Frazier-Smith, whose lifelong love of dance inspired her to establish SNDC in the fall of 2017, the company’s latest inspiring performance follows its debut concert in November 2017, a dance showcase at the 2018 Spring Arts Festival, a fall concert in November 2018, a performance at the 2019 Spring Arts Festival, a fall showcase in November 2019, and a virtual performance during the 2020 Spring Arts Festival.

SNDC is primarily composed of TASIS High School students who dedicate their Sunday afternoons to learning company ensemble works, but this November’s concert also featured excellent work from Middle School students, Elementary School students, faculty members, and guest performers. Details about each piece can be found below, and a gallery of photos from the recording sessions can be found on the TASIS SmugMug page.

Performance Lineup

“Nikiya's Flute Solo,” La Bayadère

Choreographer: Marius Petipa
Dancer: Alexia Dochnal 
Song: La Bayadere: Act I, Sc. i.: 5, by Ludwig Minkus

“Feeling the Beat”

Choreographer: Alexia Essaris
Dancers: Serafina Ballerini, Anna Bazhenova, Alexia Essaris, Anna Kandel, and Greta Vasino (Middle School Dance)
Song: “MS Hip Hop: A Version MIX” featuring “Feel the Beat,” by Black Eyed Peas; “Maluma Better,” by Khalid, and “Writing on the Wall,” by French Montana, Rvssian, Post Malone, and Cardi B 
Sound editing: Matthew Frazier-Smith

“Breaking Isolation”

Choreographers: Ella Abisi and Sofia Rosso
Dancers: Ella Abisi and Sofia Rosso (SNDC) 
Song: Amélie Theme: “Comptine D’un Autre Été, L’Après-Midi,” by Brooklyn Duo

“Water: A Zany Escape”

Choreographers: Julie Frazier-Smith and Alexi Love 
Dancers: Julie Frazier-Smith and Alexi Love (Aerial); Matthew Frazier-Smith, Chris Love, and Melody Zanecchia (Fish); Odelia Canga, Penny Chevalier, and Manuela Mendez Andrade (Elementary School Dance for Joy Ballet); Iona Love, Maddux Love, and Viviana Love (Special Guests) 
Song: “Rock Lobster Mix: Version 3,” featuring “Rock Lobster,” by B-52’s; “Underwater (feat. Dillon Francis),” by Meghan Trainor; “Wipe Out,” by The Surfaris; and “Malibu,” by Miley Cyrus
Sound editing: Matthew Frazier-Smith

“Angel By the Wings”

Choreographer: Sophie Claude Ogilvie and the Royal Academy of Dance
Dancer: Sophie Claude Ogilvie
Song: “Angel by the Wings,” by Sia


Choreographer: Julie Frazier-Smith 
Dancers: Ella Abisi, Mariia Andreichuk, Sofia Rosso, and Alua Tursynkulova (SNDC) 
Song: Das Rhinegold: “Prelude,” by Richard Wagner, Sebastian Weigle, and the Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra

“Paquita, Variation 5”

Choreographer: Marius Petipa (arranged by Pia Job)
Dancer: Sarah Rappaport 
Song: “Paquita, Variation 5” (Allegro non troppo)


Choreographer: Julie Frazier-Smith
Dancers: Ginevra Biella, Nina Garkavij, Chantal Loeer, Rebecca Lucidi, and Amelia Pacini (ES Modern Dance)
Song: “A Million Dreams,” by Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman, and Michelle Williams

“Keep it Clean”

Choreographers: Mara Bernasconi and Julie Frazier-Smith 
Dancers: Mara Bernasconi, Julie Frazier-Smith, Matthew Frazier-Smith, Giulia Giobbio, Melody Zanecchia, and Christopher Nikoloff
Song: “This Girl,” by Kungs Vs. Cookin On 3 Burners

Video Credits 

SNDC Artistic Director: Julie Frazier-Smith
Lighting Design and Operation: Matthew Frazier-Smith
Videography: Milo Zanecchia
Photography: Graham Pearsall

Special thanks to Simone Aeschliman, Olymar Brown, Mark Chevalier and the TASIS Communications Team, Giulia Giobbio, Chris Nikoloff, Lynn Fleming Aeschliman, Samantha Forrest and the TASIS Performing Arts Department, the TASIS Maintenance Team, the parents of ES Dance for Joy Ballet and ES Modern Dance performers, the TASIS After-School Activities Department, and the teachers, family, and friends of the performers

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