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Nine "Magnificent" Members of the TASIS Community Honored at Special Assembly

Each fall and spring, TASIS holds a special High School assembly to recognize members of the community who embody the timeless virtues known as the Magnificent Seven: Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Humility, Service, and Vision.

While the fall 2015 winners were nominated by the faculty only, the spring selections were pulled from nominations made by the entire TASIS community. As High School Dean of Students KC McKee noted at the start of the assembly, “Nearly one third of all students were nominated by at least two people. This goes to show that while we are only celebrating these individuals here today, many of you embody these virtues and your actions have not gone unnoticed.”

Below is a list of the winners and a summary of the remarks—as read by Mr. McKee and High School Academic Dean Dr. Mark Abisi—offered by those who nominated them.


Dealing honestly with each other and ourselves, and honoring our commitments

Spring 2016 selection: Alexey Dudov ’18

“There are several categories of the Magnificent 7 that this student could easily have been nominated for.  Integrity is a good one to sum up his commitment to forging respectful interpersonal relationships with fellow students and teachers, to taking responsibility for a heavy academic work load he chose, and to acknowledging when he has made a mistake or a slip. He is honest with himself and with others and is completely trustworthy.”


Demonstrating an appreciation of the dignity of each human being and the beauty of the natural world

Spring 2016 selection #1: Aurelia Dochnal ’19

“This student is on top of every challenge placed in front of her. She is able to balance her academic, family, and social life like a mature adult. She thinks ahead, plans, and prepares herself to be successful. Her will and power to overcome obstacles and challenges are amazing. I have seen her, time after time, take on challenges that many would shy from, and she does it so gracefully. She treats everyone with the respect they deserve and is unmatched in this area.”

Spring 2016 selection #2: Laura Vecoli ’17

“This next student was mentioned by a number of prospective Proctors as one who they themselves respected. Perhaps it is due to the fact that she herself treats everyone she interacts with with the utmost respect. She is a diligent student who has earned not only the respect of her peers for her level-headedness and hard work, but also the respect of the faculty.”


Being accountable for our own actions; not blaming others for our mistakes or taking credit for another’s achievements; upholding obligations to others

Spring 2016 selection: Gabriele Capacci ’17

“This student stands out to most of the faculty on campus. He is involved in every aspect possible, and as a day student, which can be difficult. He does look out for himself but often times he puts others before himself. Just ask those whom he proctors. He is a dedicated student and understands the meaning of hard work. He knows that the amount of time he puts into something directly dictates his achievements. He does not blame anyone but himself when he happens to fall short.”


Treating others in a kind and caring way

Spring 2016 selection #1: Marianne Tissot ’16

“This student is a warm, giving soul. Her compassion extends to her friends and classmates, to people in other parts of the world, to her family, and even to her teachers! Sometimes it even extends to herself—she could do a little more of that, actually. Rarely have I seen her without a smile, a genuine inquiry as to how someone is doing, and a sympathetic ear.”

Spring 2016 selection #2: Mr. Zach Mulert (Global Service Program Director)

“This individual cares about others and will go out of his way to do anything for them. No matter his current challenges, he will stop what he's doing to help you with yours. I've tried to ask him how he's doing during hectic times and he makes such an effort to always deflect the attention off himself and focus on helping you. His compassion can be felt throughout the campus and the students adore him for this.”


Acknowledging our weaknesses and learning from them

Spring 2016 selection: Rron Lluka ’16

“This student continues to be a strong leader in our residential community. He is funny yet responsible and is  respected by all the residents. He is good at identifying when to be funny and when to be serious with his residents. He also sets a stellar example of time management, managing the IB Diploma, Proctorship, Varsity athletics and more while maintaining the time to hang out with his friends. As the leader in the dorm, he has done a great job connecting to both the dorm residents and the dorm parents.”


Dedicating ourselves to making a positive contribution to our community and world

Spring 2016 selection: Nicola Barbieri ’18

“This student is an extremely active student not only on our campus but also worldwide. He was a valuable member of the Zambia trip this year and it truly was a life changing experience for him. He has dedicated himself to ensuring that the people he serves will forever benefit from his service. I expect that he will only continue to grow in this area as he progresses through TASIS, and everyone will benefit from this. I can only imagine that he will continue to be a leader in the realm of service in the future.”


Making sacrifices in the present to build a better future

Spring 2016 selection: Zere Turlykhanova ’17

“This student is a confident young woman who we have enjoyed getting to know this year. She has made many wonderful and loyal friendships. Due to her self-sufficient nature, she keeps her room organized, arrives on time to check-in, and respects quiet hours. She is also a serious student; therefore, she uses her study hall time wisely to prepare for the next school day. In general, we are pleased with her responsible and level-headed approach to life, as it transfers to how she conducts herself in the dormitory as well. She knows what she needs to do to be successful and works diligently to reach her goals. She has her eyes on the prize and is not afraid to work hard to achieve her goals.”

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