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Introducing The Lounge: A New Space for TASIS Students

TASIS held an opening celebration for The Lounge, an exciting new space for students to gather and enjoy delicious food, on September 12. All students and employees were invited to stop by to enjoy a free ice cream and see the new setup.

The Lounge is located on the ground floor of the Palestra and is open each Monday–Friday from 7:30–10:00, 11:30–13:30, and 16:00–18:30. It is managed by the TASIS Food Services team under the guidance of Food and Beverage Director Fabio Marrone and offers coffee and other beverages, baked goods, ice cream, snacks, and sandwiches. Starting with the opening celebration on September 12, a number of exciting weekly specials—including burritos, hamburgers, kebabs, noodle dishes, and sushi—are also available. To see the full menu, visit

We caught up with Mr. Marrone (pictured to the right in the photo above) and asked him a few questions about how things are going at The Lounge so far.

Approximately how many people are using The Lounge each day?
So far we are averaging about 50 customers during the breakfast block, about 150 during the lunch block, and about 80 during dinner block. So I would say that we average between 250–300 people per day, with some variance depending on what specials are available in The Lounge and what is on the menu in the De Nobili Dining Hall on a given day.

The Lounge has technically been open since September 1, but the opening celebration was held on September 12 in order to accommodate the schedules of all three TASIS divisions. Have you seen an increase in traffic since the opening celebration?
Yes, definitely. That event helped raise awareness for The Lounge, and we also started offering our weekly specials on that day. Those have proven to be very popular with students. 

Why is it important to provide our students a place like The Lounge?
We are providing a warm and welcoming environment in the middle of a fantastic campus surrounded by greenery, and we are contributing to our students’ well-being and happiness by providing them with a space reserved for them. We also believe that The Lounge offers students a wonderful new way to socialize with one another and fosters multiculturalism, which is a goal that was very close to the heart of our founder, M. Crist Fleming, and continues to be emphasized by her daughter and current Chairman of the TASIS Board of Directors, Lynn Fleming Aeschliman.

What are your future goals for The Lounge?
I would like to be able to organize an Apero MOCKTAIL evening with music once or twice a month. I plan to work with our High School Student Life team to see how we can best coordinate a fashionable and fun evening for students.

Overall, how happy are you with the launch of The Lounge?
I’m very happy with how the first few weeks have gone. I believe that we have achieved an excellent result by bringing this space back under the management of TASIS, as it used to be owned and managed by an external company. In addition to all the benefits I’ve discussed already, I think that The Lounge helps improve the image of the school for all the families that visit campus. It helps reinforce the idea that they’re sending their children to a school that is well-stocked and pays attention to every detail.


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