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Future Neuroscientist Ready for Top Liberal Arts School

Marianne Tissot ’16 (France/Puerto Rico) intends to major in Neuroscience at Bowdoin College, selecting the distinguished liberal arts school over Cornell University, Barnard College, New York University, Boston University, and Northeastern University.

Fluent in Spanish, French, and English, Marianne earned a 5 on the AP French, AP Spanish, and AP Spanish Literature exams and a 4 on the AP Psychology and AP US History exams even before she started a busy senior year that saw her excel in four more Advanced Placement classes: Calculus (scored a 5), English Literature and Composition (5), Art History (4), and Biology (3).

Marianne is grateful to both her teachers and the College Counseling Department for their help in shaping her college plans. “I had the privilege of having wonderful teachers this year, including Mr. Matthew [English Department Chair], who, in addition to preparing me for the endless essays I will have to write next year, assisted me with my university process and always helped me in any way he could,” she said. “And Mr. Birk [Director of College Counseling] was supportive throughout the entire process and guided me towards picking the school that would be the best fit for me.”

“TASIS forms an incredibly wonderful international family.”

Outside the classroom, Marianne sang with the A Capella Club, was a member of the Service Learning Board, and traveled to Morocco with the Mission Morocco Service Learning Group, calling the experience “a unique and extraordinary opportunity.”

Marianne is excited to move on to Bowdoin but understands she was part of something special at TASIS. “I will probably never again be in a setting surrounded by so many people from different countries and cultures,” she said. “TASIS forms an incredibly wonderful international family. All the incredible individuals I have had the pleasure of spending time with have each helped me grow and have shared this unique and precious experience by my side.”

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