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Future Architect To Continue Studies at Manchester

Virginia Italia ’19 (Italy/Switzerland) will seek a degree in Architecture at University of Manchester after also considering offers from University of Bath, University of Sheffield, and University of Westminster. 

Virginia capped off six excellent years at TASIS by scoring 36 points on her IB Diploma Programme® assessment, earning an induction to the TASIS Chapter of the Cum Laude Society, delivering a speech at her class’s Senior Banquet, and receiving the Excellence in Architecture and Design at the 2019 Commencement Ceremony. The citation for the latter honor referenced her “creative strengths,” “higher-level thinking,” and “imaginative, deep designs,” praise that reinforced her lifelong goal of pursuing a career in architecture.

“I have been convinced that I wanted to study architecture since I was young, but TASIS helped me confirm my ideas and plans,” she said. “I took the architecture course for three years and realized how much I loved it—thanks especially to the teacher, Mr. Aeschliman. He taught me architecture in a way that triggered my excitement for university, and his course was definitely the one that most inspired me at TASIS.”

A well-rounded student who managed to record a rare 7 on the extremely challenging English A: Literature HL IB exam—noting that her teacher, Dr. Chris Love, “taught literature in a way that was very new to me and helped me develop my individual interpretation of life in a new way”—to go along with a 7 on the Art History exam, Virginia believes that her time at TASIS has prepared her well for the rigors of university life. “Being an IB Diploma student while also serving as a Dorm Proctor these past two years has helped me develop better time-management skills,” she said. “Keeping up with deadlines and assignments was quite tough, and experiencing this in high school was definitely great preparation for university.” 

Virginia also praised the College Counseling Office for helping her turn her aspirations into a reality. “They helped me understand which universities I wanted to apply to the most, opening my eyes to a multitude of options,” she said. “Thanks to this I was able to achieve my goals.”

"I have been convinced that I wanted to study architecture since I was young, but TASIS helped me confirm my ideas and plans."

Outside the classroom, Virginia was inspired by her role as a captain of the Varsity Volleyball team—“this was a very special part of my TASIS experience”—her two years as a Dorm Proctor—“I became much more open and confident, allowing me to take the experience further and successfully help lead younger students throughout their time at TASIS”—and her Global Service Program trip to Nepal, an experience she described as standing out among the rest. 

“As cliché as it may sound, the trip to Nepal was life-changing,” she said. “I lived in a completely different environment and got to experience life from a completely different perspective. Trekking through the mountains of Nepal was the part that got me to love the country in time to serve one of its Tibetan communities. I loved every bit of it and will never forget it.”

But above all else, Virginia will miss the TASIS community. “Spending time with the students and teachers I grew the closest to is what I will miss the most,” she said. “Sharing experiences such as the IB and traveling all together is what made my time at TASIS so unforgettable.” 

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