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Dedicated Scholar To Study Biomedical Science at Edinburgh

Fiona Erskine (UK/USA) ’20 will seek a degree in Biomedical Science at University of Edinburgh with the aim of one day practicing medicine or conducting medical research.

Fiona arrived at TASIS for the start of her junior year and quickly established herself as a very strong student. Fluent in English and French, she excelled in the sciences and scored 37 points on her IB Diploma Programme® assessment, adding to an impressive resume that also includes top marks on the European History and Environmental Science AP exams. She was also a member of the TASIS Speaker Series Committee.

Fiona answered the following questions about her time at TASIS The American School in Switzerland soon after her graduation in May 2020.

Do you feel that your time at TASIS has prepared you well for college?
I feel my time at TASIS, especially the IB program, has prepared me really well for university in terms of time management and in terms of being able to discover which courses interest me and make me passionate. Teachers like Ms. Crockett (HL Biology) and Mr. Ogilvie (HL Chemistry) really encouraged and challenged me academically and gave me the confidence to pursue a career in the sciences. 

Did the College Counseling Office influence your path and/or help you achieve your goals?
Mr. Stickley is the reason I was able to pursue this path. Even though I had decided to apply to the UK at the absolute last minute, he was incredibly supportive and confident in me. I got my application in just under the wire. 

What experiences have you found most inspiring at TASIS?
The TASIS Speaker Series was an amazing experience for me. I was introduced to a lot of fascinating people and exposed to enriching discussions. Meeting and listening to all those successful and passionate people really inspired me to follow my own passions.

“I think the thing that I will miss the most from TASIS is the beauty and the constant opportunity and encouragement to travel.”

What courses or teachers will you remember most fondly?
Ms. Crockett and Mr. Ogilvie were both key figures in my TASIS experience. They were both incredibly supportive and truly cared deeply about their students. Ms. Rosenberger, who was my advisor, was also someone who I could always go to for support (and for help on my essays) and really made my experience at TASIS complete. I am so appreciative to have been in their classes. 

What do you think you will miss the most about your time at TASIS?
I think the thing that I will miss the most from TASIS is the beauty and the constant opportunity and encouragement to travel. 

Clearly this wasn't the way you and your classmates wanted to end your time at TASIS, but is there anything positive you can take away from this very difficult spring?
One thing that I am taking away from this situation is that my experience at TASIS wasn’t necessarily made great or memorable by specific events (like the Boat Dance or Senior Prom) but really by just the day-to-day life on campus. I will always remember my overall experience at TASIS as being so beautiful and inspiring. Not having a traditional graduation certainly doesn’t take away from all those brilliant memories and experiences for me.

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