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Comprehensive Search Ends With a Commitment to High Point

Sisters Antonella, Gabriella, and Isabella Piconi ’16 (Belgium/United States)—who have been standouts at TASIS since seventh grade—combined to get into 14 schools: University of Notre Dame, Davidson College, Kenyon College, University of Richmond, Concordia University, Goucher College, Trinity College Dublin, High Point University, Saint Mary's College Notre Dame, Drew University, Wheelock College, University of Rhode Island, Emmanuel College, and Regis University. Antonella will pursue a degree in the sciences at Notre Dame, Gabriella will study English Literature at Trinity College, and Isabella intends to double major in Education and Psychology and minor in Italian at High Point.

Isabella discussed the process that led her to choose High Point, which was recently named the best regional college in the South by U.S. News & World Report for the fourth consecutive year.

“I knew I wanted to become a teacher at the beginning of my junior year, as I have always loved children,” she said. “My goal was to apply to the best schools for education that I was able to get into. I believe the reason I was so successful in my college application process was because my College Counselor [Greg Birk] helped me find universities that were realistic. The key was matching up my SAT scores to the SAT range of the colleges I was interested in. It also helped to have a list of must-haves: mine were education, psychology, Italian, study abroad programs to Italy, and service learning.”

“My goal was to apply to the best schools for education that I was able to get into.”

While at TASIS, Isabella took a combination of AP and IB classes, competed for the Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field teams, was an active member of the theater program, and was a student leader for two Global Service trips to Nepal. Isabella won a Service Award as a junior and the prestigious Jan Opsahl Service Award as a senior, and she describes her time with the Global Service Program as easily her most inspiring high school experience while also noting that she has been “continually inspired and supported by many great people” throughout her years at TASIS.

Isabella singled out Greg Birk, her cross country and track and field coach in addition to her college counselor, whose “prime concern is to see his students and athletes alike perform to their best abilities and put all their effort in everything they do.” She also noted that math teacher and Nepal Service Learning Group leader Danny Schiff’s “passion and devotion for service quickly spreads to all members of our group, as I have observed the past three years,” and that Global Service Program Director Zach Mulert’s “compassion and sincerity comes across in everything he does.”

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