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Bilingual IB Diploma Recipient Makes Most of One Year in Switzerland

Lisa CaberlottoLisa Caberlotto ’17 (Italy) will pursue a Bachelor of Science in International Economics and Finance at Bocconi University, choosing the renowned business and management school over Durham University, the University of Exeter, the University of Bath, and the University of Nottingham.

Lisa, who came to TASIS Switzerland for her senior year after spending one year as a boarding student at TASIS England and three summers in the TASIS Switzerland Summer Programs, earned a Bilingual IB Diploma in English and Italian (she also speaks Spanish and some German), securing an impressive 38 points on her assessment.

Outside the classroom, Lisa also made the most of her one year at TASIS. She worked with Red Cross to help teenage refugees; served as a member of the Service Learning Board in order to promote volunteerism among the TASIS student body; helped establish a relationship between TASIS and the OTAF Foundation, which has led to a new local Service Learning group this year; attended the Global Issues Network (GIN) Conference in London to discuss and raise awareness of major global issues; played tennis and basketball; and helped organize the Senior Prom.

A Dean’s List student each semester, Lisa believes that her one year at TASIS shaped her future plans and readied her for the next step.

“I firmly believe that the time I spent at TASIS, along with all the experiences this school has offered me in just a short period of time, is simply priceless,” she said. “With its kind, caring, and supportive staff members, TASIS has definitely prepared me for the academic rigors of college. In particular, the IB Diploma Program as a whole and my busy school timetable taught me several valuable skills with regard to study techniques, time management, leadership, and communication. Frankly, before coming to TASIS, I did not have a clue as to which field I would have pursued at university; however, after only a month here, I was able to figure out what I wanted the most for my future and, most importantly, how to achieve it.”

While Lisa very much enjoyed all the courses she took at TASIS and noted that she “really admires the TASIS organization and the motivation and efforts of its staff members,” she identified three adults who made a major difference in her life. “I will deeply miss my dorm parent Ms. Katlyn Abisi, my Biology teacher Ms. Pegeen Crockett, and (last but not least) my English teacher Mr. Peter Locke,” she said. “I firmly believe that the best teaching is done from the heart. If you show passion and understanding while you are teaching your students, you make them laugh, and you always push them beyond their limits, then you ARE a great teacher! At TASIS, there is more than one person who perfectly exemplifies these characteristics. Mrs. Abisi (with her kindness and bright smile), Miss Crockett (with her energy and availability), and Mr. Locke (with his passion and great understanding) are without doubt three of them.”

“Overall, TASIS actually surpassed all of my expectations: it prepared me for university life, it helped me become a more internationally minded person, it gave me the chance to meet real friends, and it made my days either start or end with a bright smile on my face and lots of joy in my heart.”

Lisa is also grateful to the TASIS College Counseling Office for helping her define and achieve her postsecondary goals. “The aid that I was given by the College Counseling team was simply priceless, as the counselors targeted advice really helped me in my decision-making,” she said. “Something that I particularly appreciated was the great joy with which Ms. Carroll Birk, Mr. Greg Birk, and Mr. Howard Stickley shared the offers I received. Overall, I could not be more satisfied with my post-TASIS options: I have been accepted into the course I applied for at the university of my dreams! I have to say that the preparation that TASIS has given me and the values that it taught me have truly had a big impact in relation to the achievement of my goals.”

Lisa loved being a boarding student and felt that her time in the dormitory did much to shape her character. “The boarding life is priceless, as it gives students like me the opportunity to speak English 24/7 and to enrich their personal journey,” she said. “I firmly believe that my boarding experience added great value to my overall TASIS experience, giving me the chance to fully immerse myself into the School and the wide range of activities that are being planned every day. Moreover, I feel that I have benefited from a meaningful cultural exchange by living with other international students from all over the world for a whole year. Of course, it took me some time to fully integrate into the community, yet in a matter of just a few months I put down roots and started calling this place ‘my second home.’”

TASIS owes a great debt to Lisa for her remarkable contributions to the community, and she is likewise grateful for all the School offered her.

“I already know that I will deeply miss literally EVERYTHING about TASIS,” she said. “I will miss my teachers and friends because they have taught me some of the most important lessons in my life. The united TASIS community is the perfect place to make new, long-lasting friendships. The School's amazing campus, along with its welcoming, pleasant, and relaxing atmosphere, makes you feel at ease, as if you were in fact living at home. Overall, TASIS actually surpassed all of my expectations: it prepared me for university life, it helped me become a more internationally minded person, it gave me the chance to meet real friends, and it made my days either start or end with a bright smile on my face and lots of joy in my heart. I am not giving this positive feedback about TASIS because I feel obliged to do so, but because I feel all of this deep inside my heart and believe that these comments deserve to be read by pupils who are considering to study in an international environment. A lifetime would not be enough to forget everything, from both an academic and human point of view, that this school taught me. I spent an unforgettable and priceless year that (if I had the chance to) I would live on repeat.”

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