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Aspiring Digital Artist To Hone Skills at Ravensbourne 
Giorgia Papes ’22

Giorgia Papes ’22 (Switzerland, Italy, Costa Rica) will work toward a Foundation Diploma in Design and Media at Ravensbourne University London before determining which area of the arts she’d like to specialize in. The talented artist, who thinks she may want to focus on animation, selected the prestigious digital media and design school over the University for the Creative Arts.

Honored with several drawing and painting awards over the course of her three years at TASIS, Giorgia took full advantage of the first-rate Visual Arts Program and spent a great deal of time in the cutting-edge Şahenk Fine Arts Center. She also speaks four languages—English, Spanish, Swiss German, and Italian—and earned an IB Diploma.

Following her graduation in May 2022, Giorgia answered the following questions about her time at TASIS The American School in Switzerland.

Do you feel that your time at TASIS has prepared you well for college?
My three years at TASIS have not only given me the academic preparation I will need for the years to come, but the boarding experience has also encouraged me to become the best version of myself. In the dorm I learned how to work and live with others and developed important values—responsibility, patience, determination, and, above all, independence—that I will be able to carry on to the rest of my life. I feel as though these vital values I learned at TASIS are the ideal basis that one needs not only to succeed in college but in life overall.

Giorgia Papes ’22 Artwork

Did the College Counseling Office influence your path and/or help you achieve your goals?
Even though the College Counseling Office was a great help while I was filling out university applications, my art teacher during my three years at TASIS, Mr. Dukes, was my main advisor when it came to looking for universities due to his experience and knowledge on my choice of career path. Because we spoke on a daily basis about my work, he was able to help me find the ideal program that would help me achieve my goals.


My favorite and most inspiring experience at TASIS was the Academic Travel trip to Venice in November of 2021. The trip was meant to inspire us, and being in such a historic city filled with so much art did just that.



What experiences have you found most inspiring at TASIS?
Even though the pandemic limited Academic Travel to a certain extent, my favorite and most inspiring experience at TASIS was the Academic Travel trip to Venice in November of 2021. The trip was meant to inspire us, and being in such a historic city filled with so much art did just that. Highlights included visiting the Peggy Guggenheim museum and being given the opportunity to sketch along the canal and in cafés. It was definitely an unforgettable experience.

What courses or teachers will you remember most fondly?
The course I will remember the most is Drawing and Painting in 10th grade, which then carried onto HL IB Visual Art with Mr Dukes. When I arrived at TASIS, I already liked painting and really anything creative, but thanks to Mr. Dukes I discovered my true passion for the arts. His classes enabled me to think outside the box and develop my technical abilities. They generated a curiosity in me that led to research, experimenting, and eventually a final piece of work. Mr. Dukes’ classes allowed me to push myself more than ever, and I learned more things than I ever imagined I would. For that I will be forever grateful to him.

Giorgia Papes ’22 artwork

What do you think you will miss the most about your time at TASIS?
What I’ll miss the most is spending time with the friends I’ve made along the way.

Dealing with a pandemic for the better part of your final three years of high school was far from ideal. But is there anything positive you've been able to take away from all of this?
Even though my first year at TASIS as a boarder was cut short due to the pandemic, contrary to what many students experienced, I greatly enjoyed the long distance learning. Nonetheless, socializing with my friends was definitely something I missed. Having to do my entire IB in a pandemic, I learned more than ever the importance of patience and dedication both with peers and myself. It was definitely hard at times to stay motivated and work during the pandemic, but keeping my goals in mind made completing the IB much easier.

Giorgia Papes ’22 artwork


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