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AP Scholar Sets His Target on Top Business School

After two excellent years at TASIS, Enzo Tondo (Brazil) ’20 has decided to return to his home country for his post-secondary studies. He will prepare for the Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio (ENEM) with the intention of studying Business and Economics at Insper, one of the most prestigious schools of business, economics, and engineering in all of Latin America.

Enzo, who is bilingual in English and Portuguese and is learning German and Italian, took four Advanced Placement (AP) classes his senior year—Calculus AB, US History, Economics, and Physics—and was one of 24 TASIS students to earn an AP Scholar Award. He graduated with High Honors, served as a Dorm Proctor, volunteered as a student veteran in the Global Service Program (GSP), won an award for his musical prowess, and left his mark on the TASIS Athletics Program, where he starred as the goalkeeper for the Varsity Soccer team and led his team to back-to-back titles in the International Week World Cup, one of the most popular events on campus each year.

Soon after his graduation in May 2020, Enzo answered the following questions about his time at TASIS The American School in Switzerland.

Do you feel that your time at TASIS has prepared you well for college?
Definitely. Becoming a boarding student at TASIS and living in a different country was a very big change from my previous school in my hometown. Not only was I much more academically challenged, but I was also presented with a lot of experiences that I believe prepared me for college. By being a border, I became more independent and had to learn to better communicate with teachers and staff, and also by living with people all over the world, I was able to better engage with people. Overall I think all of my experiences at TASIS have prepared me for college much more than if I had stayed in my hometown. 

What experiences have you found most inspiring at TASIS?
I think one very specific experience that stands out was the GSP trip to Nepal. I was lucky to have gone with three great friends of mine and a group of amazing teachers. The experience was without a doubt the best one I ever had. We were able to help Tibetan refugees and really get to know them while we were so far away from everything else. It was truly a unique experience.

“It was amazing to get to know people from all over the world and develop such a strong friendship with many of them in a span of two years.”

What courses or teachers will you remember most fondly?
Of course my two-year Italian teacher and advisor, Ms. Roth. Also some of my dorm parents: Mr. Kirsch, Mr. Angelitti, and Mr. Schiff. My Calculus teacher Mr. Carey, and two other teachers I never had any classes with but got to know well: Mr. Izsa and Mr. Morton. 

What do you think you will miss the most about your time at TASIS?
The community. It was amazing to get to know people from all over the world and develop such a strong friendship with many of them in a span of two years. I am sure these relationships will last for a long time. And it was not only these relationships with my fellow students but also those with the teachers, dorm parents, and staff that created such a nice environment and contributed to a great experience. 

Clearly this wasn't the way you and your classmates wanted to end your time at TASIS, but is there anything positive you can take away from this very difficult spring?
Yes, I learned that sometimes life can take a swing at us, and there is nothing we can do to change it. But we can adapt to the situation and make the best out of it, and when life throws a punch at us, we don't let it knock us out.

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