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AP Scholar and Service Award Winner’s Next Stop is San Francisco 

Carly Bachofen ’22 (United States) received a Presidential Scholarship to attend the University of San Francisco’s Honors College, where she will pursue a degree in Hospitality. She also considered offers from the University of Central Florida, the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Temple University, and Drexel University.

Carly concluded three outstanding years at TASIS by capturing three prestigious Graduation Awards at the Class of 2022 Commencement Ceremony: the Jan Opsahl Service Award, the Excellence in History Award, and the Excellence in Modern Languages Award. Earlier in high school, she earned the Magnificent Seven Award for Compassion and the Beginners Italian Language Award.

Fluent in English and French and now an intermediate Italian speaker, Carly took seven Advanced Placement (AP) classes over her final two years at TASIS—English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, US History, European History, French, Microeconomics, and Statistics—and scored either a 4 or 5 on all of the corresponding exams. She earned The College Board’s highest honor, AP Scholar with Distinction, in grade 12.

Carly served as a dorm proctor in grades 11 and 12 and was viewed as a consummate role model by both her peers and dorm parents. Her selflessness extended to the varsity soccer field, where she was selected as a captain her senior year and won the Coach’s Award in grades 10 and 12. She was also a dedicated member of the TASIS Students for Social Justice Club.

Soon after her graduation in May 2022, Carly answered the following questions about her time at TASIS The American School in Switzerland.

Do you feel that your time at TASIS has prepared you well for college?
I certainly think so. As a boarding student, I have become incredibly independent, and by now I am used to living away from home, which will serve me well in university. In terms of academics, the AP classes that TASIS offers have allowed me to go into college having taken many university-level courses, and I will be starting university with almost a year’s worth of credit. TASIS served as a place for me to grow both as a student and as a person, and I am excited to see where the lessons I’ve learned here will take me in the future. 

Did the College Counseling Office influence your path and/or help you achieve your goals?
I will always be grateful for the generosity and support that the College Counseling Office provided me throughout the application process. Their help hours during study hall proved to be just that—very helpful, as Mr. Fritz provided me with one-on-one support for a few of my essays. During the most stressful part of high school, I knew that the entire office was there for me to help me achieve my goals, and their excitement after every decision was beaming. Mr. Fritz even wore Gray and Blue after Alejandra Cova '22 got accepted to Georgetown University. Their reassurance and resourcefulness was equally comforting and exciting. My counselor, Ms. Fishbein, was never strict but didn't hesitate to give me a nudge when it was necessary, and she always had the name of a few schools up her sleeve that she saw fitting for me. She constantly supported me, even over summer break and during her maternity leave. As my sister [Autumn Bachofen '21] responded when she was interviewed, if she could change one thing about the College Counseling Office, she would "just clone Ms. Fishbein." 

“TASIS served as a place for me to grow both as a student and as a person, and I am excited to see where the lessons I’ve learned here will take me in the future.” 


“TASIS served as a place for me to grow both as a student and as a person, and I am excited to see where the lessons I’ve learned here will take me in the future.”



What experiences have you found most inspiring at TASIS?
The Global Service Program trip to Thailand in April 2022 was not only my most inspiring experience during my time at TASIS but also of my whole life thus far. Being able to travel the world with my classmates and being put at the forefront of a humanitarian and environmental crisis is not an opportunity that many high schoolers get, and I am incredibly grateful for this experience. I was exposed to, and learned about, a problem I didn't know existed prior to signing up for the trip—human-elephant conflict —and throughout the two weeks we explored the complexity of the conflict and various solutions in place, all while eating delicious food and making long-lasting connections. After the trip I am now inspired to study sustainable tourism, and I would love to visit OurLand again in the future. 

What courses or teachers will you remember most fondly?
I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. White's AP US History class in 11th grade. While the course itself is quite heavy, Mr. White made every class enjoyable, always cracking jokes while preparing our class extremely well for the exam in May. And although they never taught me in the classroom, my "Swiss Parents" Mr. Schiff and Ms. B are two people I'll never forget. Whether I spent time with them in the dorm, on a ski trip, on the back of a truck in Thailand, in De Nobili eating grilled cheese on the weekend, playing trivia or mafia, or even at a Harry Styles concert, I will always aspire to have their same adventurous spirit and positive attitude. 

What do you think you will miss the most about your time at TASIS?
I will miss the buzz of life on campus after school. Everyone is always busy, and while it is tiring at times, it is almost magical to take a step back and acknowledge the beauty of it all. Opening the window from my dorm in Monticello I could hear someone practicing the piano, see people running to make the bus or a taxi, and hear laughter coming from the tables outside of the Palestra. I'll miss dinners at Bellavista, staying at brunch on Sunday until it closes, going on ski trips, traveling for soccer tournaments, and everything in between—even Monticello's infamous Sunday dorm meetings.

Dealing with a pandemic for the better part of your final three years of high school was far from ideal. But is there anything positive you've been able to take away from all of this?
As cheesy as it is, I have learned not to take anything for granted and to make the most of everything. Although we had strict COVID measures in place for the entirety of the 2020–2021 school year, it was during that year that I made some of my closest friends. The boarding community became incredibly close: I've never seen so many people so eager to color in De Nobili on a Saturday night, or so many people singing around a fire pit. I have also become much more grateful for time spent with my family in person, as I wasn't able to travel home for multiple months due to the lockdowns.

I can't imagine my high school experience without a pandemic anymore, and although I won't miss the struggle of talking through layers of plexiglass or not being able to visit other dorms, I am grateful to have been on campus, and for the school to have returned to a sense of normalcy for the final months of my senior year.

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