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A Sunday with CDE

Writer Amelia Panella ’18 and photographer Lily Engelmaier teamed up to chronicle the trip boarding students from Le Château des Enfants (CDE) took to Parco San Grato and Lido di Carona on Sunday, July 1.

Amelia graduated from TASIS this spring and will begin pursuing a degree in Journalism at City, University of London, in September. She is interning with the TASIS Communications Office for a few weeks this summer.

Lily just finished her freshman year at Parsons School of Design, where she is seeking a B.F.A. in Photography. She attended the TASIS Summer Programs as a student several years ago and is very happy to return this summer as a photographer for the Communications Office.

See more of Lily’s excellent photos on the TASIS SmugMug page.

By Amelia Panella ’18

Sunny Sundays in Lugano call for adventure time! And what better place to explore than the nature of the Swiss Alps? CDE boarders took the day to discover the beauty of Parco San Grato, a hidden gem nestled in the mountaintops of Ticino.

High above shimmering Lake Lugano, Parco San Grato sits behind Monte San Salvatore in the village of Carona. Where pink Azaleas complement the blue lake water in the springtime, the peak of summer transforms the landscape into rolling hills of lush green grass grown out of a postcard.  

Not only are there spectacular views, but there are plenty of exciting activities for hours of fun.

First stop, the playground! There may have been a swing set and a slide, but what’s that compared to a zip-line? Let’s see who can go the fastest. Everyone scrambled up the hill to be the first to get their turn on this wild ride.

“What am I stepping on?” Take off your shoes and socks and close your eyes—this time you’re going to have to trust me. The sensory trail is designed to experience nature in a way that is often forgotten, to feel the ground beneath our feet and connect with the earth. The activity involved the kids closing their eyes and putting their trust in their partners, who would guide them through each step.

The maze was also a hit, though a little smaller than expected, and was perfect for playing a game of catch or hide and seek.

Lunchtime to recharge before the last adventure of the day at the local pool. We found the perfect shady spot at the top of the park overlooking the magnificent valley. Sometimes, all you really need is good food and good company.

Here comes the sun! Just down the road from Parco San Grato, the Lido di Carona is the perfect place to cool down on a hot summer’s day. The grass was scattered with towels and picnic baskets, and it seemed as if the whole town had gathered there for the day.

All the boys in blue stopped to pose for a photo before their long-awaited swim.

And finally to the pool! Everybody took turns to see who could make the best dive off the diving boards, laughing altogether about every failed attempt. And to end the day the counselors gave the kids a little treat—ice cream before the ride back to TASIS. There really isn’t anything better than an ice cream “Sunday.”


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