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TASIS Hellenic Class of 1998: 20th Anniversary Reunion | Kifissia, Greece

By Roberto Scilipoti TH’98 

July 15 was a very special day for all of us—not only because it was the day of the World Cup final but because it was the day we would see our old friends from school. Twenty years may have passed, but it seemed as if time had stood still. The chats were endless as we were taken back in time remembering our wonderful years at high school.

We were joined by friends from the classes of 1997 and 1999 as well, which made the event even more special. What was wonderful was the fact that we are so diverse in our professions! Our class has lawyers, teachers, financial directors, engineers, entrepreneurs, digital specialists, chefs, and so many others! It was exactly like our years at TASIS Hellenic—where we grew up in a diverse, international environment meeting people from different cultures.

We are grateful to the Alumni Office for their great contribution to our reunion and especially to Yvonne Procyk for flying to Athens to be with us! Thank you to all members of the Class of 1998 who joined us, including our 5th-grade teacher Ms. Pam Tagas! We hope to see you at our next reunion—30 years since graduation!

Please see pages 142–146 from In Pursuit of Excellence: An Historical Perspective to learn more about the history of TASIS Hellenic.

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