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TASIS Hellenic Class of 1988: 30th Anniversary Reunion | Kifissia, Greece

By Tom Letsos TH’88

The bonds between classmates and teachers were on display in Athens as TASIS Hellenic celebrated the Class of 1988 anniversary on June 28–29.

A dozen people congregated for dinner and drinks on Thursday, and then about 40 students and teachers gathered the next evening at Escoba for a drink and great conversations about the past and present. June 29 was indeed a night to remember, as alumni came from as far as the US (Angelo & Papayioti), Germany (Kirk), Switzerland (Basil), Crete (Tara), UK (Michelle), and even Melissia (Nabil) to get together and toast the best class TASIS Hellenic has ever seen. (Not that Tom is biased…Ed.) TASIS friends from the 80s through ’92 rounded out the lively group; even Alex from the Class of 1987 could not resist an evening of fun, laughter, and endless joking.

For those who could not attend from the Class of 1988...we will gather again soon. To those who don't remember the evening...cheers and well done!

Please see pages 142–146 from In Pursuit of Excellence: An Historical Perspective to learn more about the history of TASIS Hellenic.

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