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Regional Reunion | Taipei, Taiwan

The TASIS Alumni Taiwan Chapter and Director of Institutional Advancement Bill Eichner hosted an alumni reunion in Taipei for all classes on the evening of March 6. Yu Chen Lin ’96 sent along some excellent photos and provided the following recap:

The reunion was certainly fun! On this very special occasion, we all got to meet the younger generation of TASIS alumni. We were lucky enough to gather together alumni from 1994–2010 for a dinner and drinks reunion at the Grand Hyatt Taipei. Mr. Badgley saved the day by showing up too!

The old gang then decided to hang out with Mr. Eichner at my shop’s bar (The Winebay) until 1:00 AM. I am so grateful to Sabrina Chu ’09 and Alice Lee ’03 for their help in organizing the reunion, which was only possible thanks to them. I just love the strong TASIS bond that we all have. We had such a wonderful time catching up, and we all look forward to our next reunion in Taipei.

– Yu Chen Lin ’96

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