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Class of 2017: 5th Anniversary Reunion | Lugano

Nearly 40 members of the TASIS Class of 2017 reconvened on campus for their 5th-year reunion on the evening of May 28, 2022. The young alumni toured campus with Director of Institutional Development Bill Eichner, visited the Monticello dormitory with Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations Michelle Arslanian Naroyan, rang the bell they gifted to the School back in 2017, and enjoyed aperitifs and dinner with some of their former teachers at Casa Fleming, where they also had a chance to pour over the 2017 Yearbook and rewatch the slideshow that was played at their Farewell Assembly that year. Aida Loggiodice, the class’s H. Miller Crist Award recipient, spoke about how much this reunion meant to her and was kind enough to pen the following words afterward:

The concept of “home” is one that I’ve always found intriguing—after all, what exactly does it mean to call a place “home”? Is it the place where your family is based? Is it the city you grew up in? Could it be the house where most of your clothes are? I’ve pondered this too many times, only to suspect that home is not a place, it’s people.

This suspicion was confirmed this past weekend during the TASIS Class of 2017 five-year reunion—one of the first five-year reunions to ever take place at TASIS. Nearly 40 alumni gathered on campus to reminisce about the good old times. Conversation came easy as stories and anecdotes floated around in a perfect late spring evening at Casa Fleming. Even the weather was kind to us, and the food served reminded us of countless meals shared at De Nobili. Suddenly, it was as if no time had passed at all and we were simply hanging out with each other after a day of classes. Indeed, it felt like home.

Five years later, many of us are either done with or finishing up our university studies, and we stand on the chasm between being students and being young professionals. Because of this, our reunion, albeit a little early, provided the perfect opportunity to celebrate the people we were, the people we are, and the people we will be. But even though things change and evolve, one thing remains clear: TASIS and its people will always be home.


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