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Class of 2008: 10th Anniversary Reunion | Lugano

By Oriana Zoghbi-Harb '08

A lot changes in 10 years, especially those 10 years after graduating high school. We go to college, start working, have serious relationships, become adults essentially. The one thing that didn't change for us, the Class of '08, was that feeling you get when you walk on campus, see your friends and roommates, and realize how incredibly lucky you are to have gone to school at TASIS.

In the fall of 2017, Chingiz Aliyev and I started planning our class’s 10-year reunion—we have had a WhatsApp chat group for our class for over five years now and have had countless reunions all over the world through our travels. Any time one of us is in London or New York, or anywhere really, we reach out to the group and catch up with whoever is in town. The friendships we created at TASIS only continued to grow over the past 10 years—personally, my first roommate Consuelo is to this day my best friend and soon-to-be bridesmaid at my wedding! The love that we have for each other, and for the place where we all met, brought us back to Lugano this past June to celebrate our 10-year reunion.

Classmates from all over the globe flew in, and over 40 of us gathered in Lugano on Friday afternoon to begin what would become an incredible weekend. Chingiz and I had planned out a number of events for our class, including dinner and drinks on Friday night at Auberge Lugano and a boat cruise to relive our boat dance memories on Saturday. By Saturday evening, we were entirely immersed in our TASIS life again and couldn't wait to get back to campus to revisit our stomping grounds. Yvonne [Procyk] and the TASIS community welcomed us with open arms, giving us a tour of the school and showing us how much it has grown in the last 10 years! We went back to see our old classrooms, our first dorm rooms, the "Turkish Table" where we sat for hours of our time at TASIS. We then had a lovely dinner at Casa Fleming, where we got to see our class yearbook again and couldn't stop laughing at our 18-year-old selves. And then, in true TASIS fashion, we danced the night away at Club Seven. To add to the magic, I personally got engaged and celebrated my birthday all that weekend too!

Coming back to Lugano and to TASIS was more than just a 10-year reunion—it was a sweet escape back to our bubble and a reminder of how fortunate we are to have met each other, to have lived in Lugano, and to have forever become a part of the TASIS community.

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