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Class of 1999: 20th Anniversary Reunion | Lugano

Around 20 alumni attended their class reunion in Lugano on the weekend of July 12–14. Some planned it like a family vacation, flying in from as far as Hong Kong and parts of the US—including Hawaii—and spending time in Europe with their families before or after the reunion. One alumnus even sent his child to the MSP TASIS Summer Program in Lugano! Activities included Lugano “classics”: heading up San Salvatore to admire the iconic view and taking a boat out on the lake. On Saturday everyone met up on campus, with some arriving more punctually than others, and there was the usual stopping-and-starting and delighted hugging during the campus tour as more classmates joined in. TASIS staff members Bill Eichner, Yvonne Procyk, Zuleika Tipismana, and Michelle Arslanian loved hearing the fun stories and reminiscences that were shared during the evening. Everyone was happy to be reunited after 20 years and especially enjoyed the time spent poring over the 1999 yearbook. A special thank you goes to Sage Wyly for bringing an album of photos taken in Lugano and on in-pro trips 20 years ago—a highlight that inevitably sparked yet more stories and lots of laughs at how everyone used to look.

At the end of the evening, talk turned to a Mongolian classmate (who was not in attendance this weekend) who could be appointed the logistics and planning coordinator for their next class reunion, possibly in Bhutan? We can’t wait to hear all about it! 

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