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Class of 1989: 30th-Anniversary Reunion | Nashville, TN

Nine alumni from the Class of 1989 gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, to celebrate their 30-year reunion over the weekend of March 22–23. From the start, friendships were renewed right where they had left off three decades ago. The group pored over its TASIS yearbook and an album of pictures, went on a brewery tour and an Old Town Trolley, and hit some hot Tennessee spots like the 3 Crow Bar and the NashHouse Southern Spoon and Saloon for whiskey, music, and more. Other highlights included munching on paprika chips, which everyone had clearly been craving for the last 30 years, and posing with photos of their 18-year-old selves. Most of all they made the most of being together again. Lori Romero Ketter shared her impressions of the reunion:

“Our 30-year reunion was super special. Everyone picked up right where we left off. The TASIS bond is incredible, partly because I feel like we grew up together and partly because we lived in an incredible county with amazing opportunities. The walk down memory lane filled my cup! Thank you, Dava Nunley, for being instrumental in coordinating everything. You are so generous and we appreciate you. Thank you, Yvonne Procyk, for sending us the TASIS swag and paprika chips. We enjoyed indulging. Cheers friends...until we meet again. We missed those of you who could not make it.”

Class of 1989: Then and Now

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