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All-Class Reunion | London

On November 1, 120 alumni congregated at the Swiss Embassy in London for the first All-TASIS reunion in London since TASIS Switzerland and TASIS England co-celebrated their 50-year and 30-year anniversaries back in 2005. 

Although there were alumni present from the 1960s through the 1990s, a large proportion of the attendees were younger alumni who are current students or recent graduates from universities and colleges in the UK. They especially enjoyed the opportunity to see Howard Stickley, who helped most of them with their university placements. The TASIS England crowd also featured a lot of younger alumni who, just like their Lugano counterparts, reveled in the opportunity to reconnect with classmates as well as beloved teachers and advisors. With former faculty in attendance who had worked at TASIS Hellenic and TASIS France as well as in England and Switzerland, a broad cross-section of the TASIS community was represented. 

The staff at the Swiss Embassy was on hand to make the evening go smoothly and even booked Mosimann’s—who regularly cater to the Queen—to cater the event. Judging by the delicious food served up on November 1, the Royals have good taste!

Teaming up with TASIS England for this event was a welcome and fun experiment and created so much interest that sign-up had to be closed a couple of weeks before the event because we had reached (in fact exceeded) the capacity of the venue—a first! We look forward to exploring further opportunities for collaboration in the future. 

Yvonne Procyk
Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations

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