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All-Class Reunion | Houston

TASIS reunions are legendary, and in April nearly 60 alumni came to Houston to celebrate TASIS. The historic Manor House at The Houstonian Hotel was the perfect venue for a night of stories, friendship, and fun.

Alumni in attendance represented a number of TASIS schools: Lugano, England, Greece, Cyprus, and even France – which was open for only one year! We had attendees from the 1960s to the 2000s, with an especially good turnout from the classes of ’92, ’86, and ’72. As always, it was lovely to see alumni making new TASIS friends across the decades – and across the schools as well.

A highlight of the evening was Bill Eichner’s presentation which showcased the achievements of just some of our alumni. Everyone was swept up with nostalgic delight to hear Mrs. Fleming’s voice in the video clip. As one person wrote afterwards: “to hear Mrs. Fleming’s voice amongst like-minded people, that was special for me.”

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