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Volleyball - Girls (V) ISSL Tournament

Event Type: Regular

Date: September 30, 2017

Result:1st Place:
Score:ISZL W:3-0 (25-6; 25-10, 25-10), ISZL W:3-0 (25-17, 25-20, 25-23)

Event Recap:

The Varsity Girls Volleyball players took home the first-place trophy from the ISSL Championship at ISZL in Zug on Saturday. Although two of the ISSL teams were unable to come to the tournament this year, the competition remained high and the girls rose to the challenge to emerge with the championship.

The Varsity players played like a true team in the tournament. First up was a five-set game against ICS in which the Tigers won 25-6, 25-10, and 25-10. With great teamwork between Valentina Correa da Silva '19 at the net and Luiza Tiago de Faria '19 with assists, the ladies allowed very few points to be scored against them. Cristina Cecilia Estevez '19 and Isabela Sofia Lima Felippe '19 had some excellent saves and good hits at the net. The Varsity team was also lucky to have seventh grader Victoria Svetlova '23 join for her first game with TASIS Tigers as a libero in the back row, and she played a pivotal role helping the team receive ICS's hits.

The girls showed the most hard work and dedication in the games against ISZL, a great team again this year—and playing on their own home court. Set scores were 25-17, 25-20, and 25-23, with a very close and exciting third set. Led by Ally Pohl '19 and Jenni Kraemer '20 in kills and blocks at the net, and Virginia Italia '19 and Luiza Tiago de Faria '19 with assists and right-side hits of their own, the Tigers played very well and locked up the championship.


ISSL JV & Varsity Girls Volleyball
30 September 20017            
  Varsity   Sets won Sets lost Point Difference    
  ISZL Varsity   1 1 136-101    
  ICS Varsity     2 55-150    
  TASIS Varsity   2   150-90    
  ISZL JVA   1 2 128-146    
  ZIS JV   3   150-60    
  TASIS JV   2 1 126-111    
  ISZL JVB     3 101-153    
Day 1 Court 1   Court 3
09:00 ISZL Varsity 3-0 ICS Varsity   ZIS JV 2-0 ISZL JVB
10:00         ISZL JVA 0-2 ZIS JV
11.00 ICS Varsity 0-3 TASIS Varsity   TASIS JV 2-0 ISZL JVB
12:00         ISZL JVA 2-0 ISZL JVB
13:00 ISZL Varsity 0-3 TASIS Varsity   ZIS JV 2-0 TASIS JV
14:00         ISZL JVA 1-2 TASIS JV
  Final Standing Varsity   Final Standing JV
    1st ZIS  
  2nd ISZL     2nd
  3rd ICS     3rd
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