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Volleyball - Girls (JV) ISSL Tournament

Event Type: Regular

Date: September 30, 2017

Result:2nd Place
Score:ISZL(B) W:2-0; ZIS L:0-2; ISZL(A) W:2-1

Event Recap:

Overall, the TASIS JV Girls Volleyball team played very well in the ISZL Tournament. In the first set against ISZL, the JV2 team squeezed out a few close wins. The girls were led with great sets by Anna Alyakina '19 and Emi Hansen '20. There wasn't a high demand for coverage, and this lack of practice would leave the girls with a challenge in the next set.

Set two was against ZIS, a well-known competitor. The first game felt like a wake-up call from the previous set, and the girls were forced to change their mindset about how they would play. The second game brought lots of great coverage by Giulia Meregalli '20 and Mei Russell '20. However, in the end, TASIS did not walk away with the win.

The third and final set was filled with challenge and emotion for the team. After losing the first game, the girls stepped up to the challenge and came away with a win in the second game. This would not have been possible without the excellent serving of Alyakina and Mei Russell. This win meant TASIS had a chance to win the set in the third game, which they did. The decisive game saw some of the best plays of the day, with strong saves from Xiana Russell '18 and a game-winning serve by Donee Rollins '21.


ISSL JV & Varsity Girls Volleyball
30 September 20017            
  Varsity   Sets won Sets lost Point Difference    
  ISZL Varsity   1 1 136-101    
  ICS Varsity     2 55-150    
  TASIS Varsity   2   150-90    
  ISZL JVA   1 2 128-146    
  ZIS JV   3   150-60    
  TASIS JV   2 1 126-111    
  ISZL JVB     3 101-153    
Day 1 Court 1   Court 3
09:00 ISZL Varsity 3-0 ICS Varsity   ZIS JV 2-0 ISZL JVB
10:00         ISZL JVA 0-2 ZIS JV
11.00 ICS Varsity 0-3 TASIS Varsity   TASIS JV 2-0 ISZL JVB
12:00         ISZL JVA 2-0 ISZL JVB
13:00 ISZL Varsity 0-3 TASIS Varsity   ZIS JV 2-0 TASIS JV
14:00         ISZL JVA 1-2 TASIS JV
  Final Standing Varsity   Final Standing JV
    1st ZIS  
  2nd ISZL     2nd
  3rd ICS     3rd
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